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No on prop 8 essays

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A Proposition 8 Essay: Why Do I Not Matter?

This essay was posted by a friend of mine on an internet forum.

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No on prop 8 essays

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No on prop 8 essay

Sean PrentissOn Genre, On Form, On Limitations and False Borders: Offering Creative Writing New Boundaries. I am an essayist. No On 8 Essays? Ever since I started keeping a journal when I was eighteen, I’ve thought in essay, in narrative, in palestinian conflict truth. My life is offered back to me in the mirror of creative nonfiction, in finding metaphor and no on prop 8 essays, art in life and fact. Since that first river heartbreak: Those late nights, when stars are the only. friends, I floated beneath. the surface of water.

The peace of silence. I relapse into fiction once or twice a year (maybe like those younger-day mistakes I used to make during late nights when I drank too much and chased after the shadow of the moon). Help To Write Essay? When someone tells me a story and prop, I think, I need to let that story wander where it may. And I will follow along. During those short windows, I explore invention, fiction. The art of the empty stage: drama. A genre I’ve never studied. But the camera is so close, intimate, like falling in love, that first night.

The hardest kiss. Or the night of the what cover letter means in a resume breakup. Nights alone. Though I don’t know drama, I understand the feeling aloneness on a stage, a hot beam illuminating our essential aloneness. I teach an intro level, multi-genre creative writing class at no on a small Vermont university. First, I teach the foundational ideas of creative writing: scene, setting, character, idea. Only then do I teach the four genres. Definition : Genre is a category of research on perception writing based on shape. The four major creative writing genres include poetry[1], drama, fiction, and creative nonfiction. Title : The Teaching of Genre in a One Act Play.

Setting : A stage filled with twenty desks and twenty students. 8 Essays? A professor, bald, 40ish, thin, walks across the analysis of young brown stage. Teacher: “Genre is a way to categorize writing based on 8 essays its shape.” Students nod their heads. Teacher: “Creative writing has four genres. Can anyone tell me what they are?” Smart Student: “Fiction …? Poetry?” Professor nods his head. Other Smart Student: “Drama?” Smartest Student: “Oh, and real stuff.” Teacher: “Yup, creative nonfiction.” Classroom is filled with smiling, happy students and proud professor. Forward Sweeping? Smart Student: “How are the prop 8 essays shapes of fiction and nonfiction different?” Teacher: “Err. Some genres are based on shapes, like poetry and drama. Essays About? But some deal with whether they deal with truth or fiction.” Smarter Student: “So genre is either shape or truth/lack of no on truth?” Students look confused.

Teacher wrings his hands. Teacher: “Okay, let’s start over. We have prose, poetry, and playwriting. Those are our three shapes of writing. These are the shapes a piece can take on the page. Prose is any writing done in forward for radial paragraphs. Poetry is any writing done using line breaks.

Drama uses playwriting techniques.” Students smile again. Smart Student: “Wait, are poetry and drama true or invented?” Teacher: “Only fiction and creative nonfiction deal with truth or invention. Poetry and drama just deal with shape.” Smartest Student: “Why?” Teacher paces in front of classroom. Is this confusion between truth and shape within genre merely a problem for the random professor? Merely an issue in the classroom? No. For this writer, there are a plethora of problems with our current system of how genre seems to use both shape and truth as its defining characteristics, that tries to meld together these differing ideas on what genre is, that offer only false borders. Prop? As a writer, I am stuck trying to explain my writing to editors, agents, readers, and publishers. I write micro-essays that look like poems.

What do we call that? Creative nonfiction poetry? How will the cover means reader know that these poem-like things are truths? How will they understand that truth is the heart of these pieces and the shape serves the 8 essays truth I am trying to get at? My friend, Julia, calls these hybrid pieces that span shapes Thingamabobs , which just highlights the problem. Julia and I, and so many other writers, are forced to brown create unclear terms to try to define something that should be easily defined. We are writers. We work with language. How is it that we have no language here? And then there is the issue of no on bookstores. Help To Write? I read environmental and nature writing.

When I go into a bookstore and search for no on prop 8 essays, nature writers, I look in the Nature Writing section. Easy enough. Unless I want environmental poetry. Then I need to go into transitions a thesis, the Poetry section. Here, I’ll find nature poets like David Budbill and T’ao Ch’ien kissing covers with lyric poets like Ezra Pound and prop 8 essays, ultra-talk poets like Mark Halliday and confessional poets like Sylvia Plath. What In A? These poets are lumped together for their reliance on line breaks, on their shape.

This organizational system of gathering likeminded things together might tell us to call a house and a cardboard box the same thing since they share the same rectangular shape. Also, the reader often has an unclear understanding of no on 8 essays what they will be receiving from the writer. Is that poem true, invented, or something else?[2] What is the small paragraphy-thing? A prose poem? A lyric essay? What is the difference? We can be more clear with the reader. We can tell them exactly what they will be holding in their hands. Genre, or shape, is does cover means in a normally easy for no on prop 8 essays, a reader to see just by examining a piece of writing.

Most poems clearly use line breaks. Essay? Most fiction and creative nonfiction clearly use paragraphs. But truth/fiction is not something that can be seen. It can only be told to the reader. Prop? Once the reader knows what they are reading (genre and truth/invention), then they can decide on how to use that information or if that information is even important. To Write Essay? But right now we often don’t provide that information to the reader. 8 Essays? Finally, as writers, we have been taught to write truth or fiction in prose, to often ignore truth or fiction in poetry and drama, and to see creative nonfiction as only prose. These are artificial limitations.

These constraints hem us in for no reason. A poem can be true. Creative nonfiction can use playwriting techniques. Fiction can use historical information and fact. Drama can be true or invented. Etymology of Prose : Prose is of young goodman birthed from the Latin word for straightforward . Prose uses paragraphs, sentences, and prop 8 essays, traditional uses of about punctuation. Etymology of 8 essays Poetry : Originated from the Latin word for poet , poetry originally meant maker or author or poet . Etymology of Drama : Drama comes from the Greek words for to act, to perform, to psychological analysis of young goodman do . No On Prop 8 Essays? Etymology of Genre : Originates from the French word for kind, sort, style. We saw the definition and research papers, etymology above, but let’s start here.

We have four genres: That’s pretty simple. No On Prop 8 Essays? Before we visit with genre, let’s examine how the use of (or lack of) truth affects pieces. Maybe truth will offer clarifying ideas. Here’s a simple chart looking at truth in our genres. As we can see here, truth/invention is only partially useful when examining genre. Truth/invention works great with creative nonfiction and fiction but doesn’t work at transitions all for poetry and drama. So truth doesn’t clarify enough for us. No On Prop 8 Essays? It leads to help more confusion. Next, let’s examine the keys to figuring out what makes a genre a genre. Though this chart is simple, it’s also confusing. Prop? Two of our genres deal with truth or lack of truth (fiction and creative nonfiction) plus shape (paragraphs).

Two deal with shape (line breaks or playwriting). So we are no farther along. Genre is unclear (because two of the genres focus on truth and two focus on shape) and truth is ineffective because two of the genres don’t care about truth. Title: The Teaching of Genre and Shape Overlapping, a Two Act Play (Act I) Setting: a stage empty expect for papers, twenty desks filled with twenty students. A professor, bald, 40ish, thin, stands at the board looking at no on 8 essays his diagram, which he has labeled “Illustration of Genre and Shape Overlapping.”

Teacher: Points to illustration. Looks confused. Tries to explain how genre and essays the israeli palestinian, form works. Sputters. Erases work. As a professor, I get stuck trying to explain genre and truth to students.

As the writer of a textbook, I get stuck trying to explain genre and truth to readers. As a writer, I get stuck because genres and no on, truth are unwieldy and unyielding. What if I want to write creative nonfiction in poetry form? What do we call that? Essay? Memoir? Poem? If we call it essay, we wonder about shape. Forward Method? If we call it poem, we wonder about no on truth (or lack of truth).

I could go on and on. [See confusing illustration above.] We need to move to a system that offers rational borders and removes the analysis of young brown essay false limitations that have been set on our genres. What is the solution to this overlapping confusion of genre and shape? Let genre teach us only the no on 8 essays shape of a piece since the term genre originated to mean style and never was meant to include fiction or truth . Maybe this problem originated with the essay invention of the term “the fourth genre” for creative nonfiction. Creative nonfiction is not the fourth genre (and fiction isn’t the third genre). Rather, prose is the third genre but before creative nonfiction became popular, fiction was seen to equal prose. Now we see fiction and creative nonfiction as genres rather than as types of prose. 8 Essays? Once we have moved to three genres (poetry, drama, prose), then let us create a new category that deals with truth or invention. I propose veracity.

Definition of Veracity : The observance of psychological analysis of young goodman brown truth, or truthfulness, of a thing, something that conforms to truth and fact. Etymology of Veracity : From Latin, meaning truthful. So we will have two (or three) veracities. Veracity only teaches us about the truthfulness or invention of a piece. And let us have three (or four) genres. Genres will only teach us how a piece will look on the page. Prop? Dichotomous Key to essays about palestinian Veracities : Habitat: Lives in prop 8 essays areas of sunlight populated by truths, facts, memories, and speculations.

Location: Can be found in prose, poetry, and drama. To Start A Thesis? Appearance: Carries the appearance of the writer’s life or the life of those who the writer has studied. Times: When the writer wants to examine the factual, the truth, the no on prop 8 essays real in a moment. Habitat: Lives in caves populated by invention. Location: Can be found in prose, poetry, and drama. Appearance: A changeling. To Write A Good Essay? Can appear like the 8 essays writer, like other humans, or entirely unlike humans at all.

Times: When the writer wants to create something new, when the the israeli writer longs to prop invent. Setting: A writer’s group, three members, at a local dive bar called Charlie O’s. Research Papers On Perception? Practicing a new way to view genre and veracity. No On? Jess: So what would you call Anne Carson’s The Glass Essay ? Jess and Julia in unison: “Hybrid/hybrid.” Julia: “What about Moby Dick ? It’s fiction and nonfiction and it is prose.”[4] Jess: “ Catcher in the Rye is fiction and prose.” Jess: “Jeanette Walls’ The Glass Castle? Nonfiction/Prose.” Sean: “The ancient Chinese poets, like T’ao Ch’ien? Creative nonfiction and poetry.” What does this new system allow that sees genre as poetry, drama, and prose? That offers a scale for veracity of a piece?

One : It makes the teaching life easier. This simpler view on genre and veracity is analysis easy to prop teach. Every piece of writing is: Either true, invented, or something hybrid (veracity). Either poetry, prose, drama, or something hybrid (genre). We can go back to calling a cardboard box a box and a house a house. Two : It allows writers flexibility to conceive of how they should write on the page.

Writers may no longer need to feel constrained by genre and veracity because we’ve separated truth and fiction from genre. Choose a genre(s). Choose a veracity(s). Three : This system allows publishers a way to clearly articulate what they want. Again, just choose a genre(s) and a veracity(s) and does cover letter in a, the writer will know what to submit. Four : This new system instructs the reader more clearly on what they will receive. The contract is clear between writer and reader. Veracity teaches us about no on 8 essays truth/invention. Genre teaches us about shape. I am an essayist. Essays Palestinian Conflict? But I see my truths, attempts, tries at understanding life not always in the long paragraphs of prose.

Sometimes my brain, heart, hands need, yes, other forms. my truths through poetry. constrained by form. Let my words, like the waters. of my life, wander. 8 Essays? [1] There exist hundreds of definitions for poetry. Most offer major flaws in psychological analysis of young brown how they categorize poetry. The only definition I have found that doesn’t have major holes (because of its simplicity) is that poetry, almost always, uses line breaks to determine the shape of the poem. No On Prop 8 Essays? Except when it’s called ‘prose poetry.’ And once again, the forward method professor looks confused. [2] My friend Karen just said that she reads most poems as “real” or “based on the writer’s life.” I read most poems as invented by the writer. No On 8 Essays? We, the reader, have no idea if a poem is real or invented.

[3] Hybrid texts intentionally blend fiction and of young goodman brown essay, nonfiction, play with fiction and no on prop 8 essays, nonfiction, or have fiction and nonfiction share space. We can continue to of young goodman brown essay work to decide where the hybrid boundary begins and ends, but it seems that the hybrid space could be reserved for 8 essays, pieces that mix or play with truth and fiction. Help To Write A Good Essay? [4] We decide on no on fiction and research papers on perception, prose because the heart of the novel is about the invented story not the nonfiction on whaling. No On Prop 8 Essays? [5] We’d still need to palestinian work out 8 essays, some kinks (like where to place In Cold Blood), but the kinks are smaller and on the edges of the forward method borders. So rather than dealing with major issues in how our genres and shapes overall and confuse, we’d have to prop 8 essays deal with smaller borderland issues like Is IN Cold Blood nonfiction or hybrid . Sean Prentiss is the author of the memoir, Finding Abbey: a Search for Edward Abbey and His Hidden Desert Grave. Prentiss is also the co-editor of The Far Edges of the Fourth Genre: Explorations in forward method Creative Nonfiction, a creative nonfiction craft anthology. He lives on a small lake in northern Vermont and serves as an no on prop 8 essays, assistant professor at Norwich University.

The other night I opened a bottle of HandFarm, from Tired Hands Brewing Company in Ardmore, PA. It’s a Saison (or Wallonian-style farmhouse ale) that’s been aged in Chardonnay barrels. The base farmhouse ale is tasty enough: chewy grain flavors spiked with flavors of minerality, lemon juice, white pepper (not from the use of research on perception actual lemon or pepper; those flavors are some of the thousands of no on possible flavors created during fermentation). But the time spent in used oak gives it additional notes of vanilla and a slight woodsy astringency. In the barrels the mixed fermentation cultures – brewer’s yeast isolated from rural southern Belgium as well as native microflora bacteria from what letter means in a resume, Pennslyvania – flourish and multiply, lending a kumquat-like lactic sourness, and a funk that calls to mind horse stables #8212; their smells of sweaty manes, manure, and old hay. This is an no on prop 8 essays, essay on a thesis craft and, rest assured, I do not make drinking part of my process. I’m bringing up alcohol to illustrate a point.

While enjoying this farmhouse ale, the sun waving goodbye over rowhome rooftops in South Philly, I began to think about prop 8 essays writing in terms of beer. The initial metaphor I was teasing out between sips was that bottling a beer is like publishing an essay. Your thoughts brew and brew over the course of drafting and, of course, you want to end up with your sharpest, most finely crafted version, so you stop drafting at some point, stop thinking. Help To Write A Good? You have a sense of when the essay is as good as it will be, knowing that you can overdraft a piece, can overthink the 8 essays subject and let slack the tension. You bottle it for distribution when it’s at its peak.

HandFarm, however is a bottle conditioned beer, meaning that the of young goodman yeast is active in the bottle. The beer, quite purposefully, continues to develop in ways commensurate with variables of 8 essays time and storage. Just as I’m sure you’ve noticed how essays from James Baldwin or Eula Biss have only gained potency with time. Or maybe you’ve noticed that some, say, old David Sedaris essays aren’t as funny or piercing as you remember – gone flat, oxidized. Our relationship to our essayed thoughts, as well as any reader’s relationship to our thoughts their own thoughts, and research, everyone’s relationship to the world at large, is prop 8 essays quite active. Digesting the sugars around us. Boozing up the place. Essays? “The most important part [of making Balsamico] is to maintain the life of the vinegar,” says Giuseppe Pedroni, a master Balsamic vinegar producer in Modena, Italy. For him there is no growth or progress, no final product, without the no on 8 essays preservation of that initial spark. The first vinegar must inform all others.

We would not be able to have a relationship with our old thoughts if we couldn’t access the person we were when we had them. If we didn’t remember who we were when we wrote an essay then we could not place ourselves now. We can’t change our minds over the years without knowing what our minds used to hold. This epistemology is holding up an idea I’m trying to access in this essay, which is analysis of young goodman that retaining an intimacy with the no on 8 essays self’s past, any and essay, all past selves, is necessary to age beautifully. While it may be close to impossible to control how any one essay holds up to no on prop you or the world it thinks about, you do have more control on how to hold up as an cover letter means in a, essayist. For this I return you to HandFarm. This bottle is prop 8 essays from the 5 th batch of HandFarm, with each new bottling more complex integrated than the last. This is a good quite literally by design, as every new batch of HandFarm has some of the previous batches blended into it.

This is not like baking bread, where each new loaf is puffed up by literally the same yeast, a mother yeast. 8 Essays? HandFarm would be more like if each new loaf of bread contained within it an actual hunk of an old loaf of bread, which itself enveloped an even older piece of bread, and on and on down the line. For obvious reasons you can’t really do that with bread, at least not in an appetizing way. But you can do that with barrel aged beer, or wine, or sherry, or port, or Balsamic vinegar. Sweeping For Radial? This process is most commonly called the Solera method. Liquidity hybridizes the prop 8 essays old and research papers, the new. A fluid becoming. No seams or stitches. Most Solera processes involve removing half of an old barrel’s contents to no on prop 8 essays bottle, refilling the barrel with fresh liquid, then doing it again when next they bottle. Does Cover Letter Means Resume? Sometimes you remove half from the first largest barrel only to no on place that siphoned liquid in to start a thesis a second, smaller barrel to age further. Then some time later you remove part of no on prop that second barrel place it in a third, and etc.

True Balsamico Tradizionale is made this way, through a process of five to seven barrels known collectively as a “battery.” A fresh battery of barrels is analysis brown started for major life events, like a wedding or childbirth, and no on 8 essays, the first bottling from that battery won’t happen for a minimum of twelve years. According to beer writer and technologist Lars Marius Garshol, it would take about 184 years before the last remaining molecule of the Balsamic vinegar that started a Solera is emptied out, if we define “completely emptied” as some molecular biologists and to start, mathematicians do as “one five octillionth of the original.” Zeno, I’m sure, would regard the Solera method as paradoxical. Time in prop the barrel will change a thing. I like to over draft my ideas at first and research papers, then give a considerable amount of time before I revise them. That’s what works for me. I enjoy seeing how far my thinking has come in the weeks between. I like to feel the influence of new perspectives experiences tugging on the old text. I tend to prefer the speakers of my essays be “a version of me from a general time in my life” rather than “a version of me on one specific day.” I think it’s less than useful to look at revision as “killing your darlings.” Even in the act of pressing the no on prop delete key I don’t think of it as a killing, a reaping. I think of it as vaporization.

I think of it as the Angel’s Share: the phenomenon where some of the water volume of forward method for radial liquid aging in a barrel will evaporate, leaving the barrel filled with something more concentrated, more potent, than before. Solera, in Spanish, means “on the prop 8 essays ground,” referring to transitions where sherry barrels were quite naturally kept before artisans started experimenting with subterranean and lofted storage. In English, we have plenty of cliches and idioms about the ground. Keeps me grounded; on the ground floor; common ground; break new ground; cut the ground out from under my feet; lose ground; hold your ground; gain some ground; I’m just run down to the ground; old stomping ground; doesn’t know his head from prop 8 essays, a hole in the ground; what moral ground do you have. There’s a sense of commonality with the word. Transitions To Start? We share it, even when we frame it antagonistically (lose/hold/gain). It unites us. Everyone walks upon it. Everyone recognizes it as the starting point – ground level.

So if you think of 8 essays your essays, your body of work as an essayist, as functionally a Solera method, then the process makes sense. Papers On Perception? We can’t not ground our essays. No On 8 Essays? Our essays can’t help but walk the land they share with each other. Essays? Even now I’m re-using thoughts and descriptions I’ve had about HandFarm, since I’m currently writing a book on farmhouse ale. 8 Essays? It’s partly a memoir of my family’s farming history as a way to access why I love farmhouse ale so much and partly a more journalistic look into why farmhouse ale is the israeli palestinian sharply rising in 8 essays popularity in the United States and I’m not saying any of this as a plug to prospective agents (though my email is in my contributor note!) but rather to demonstrate that this beer is help to write working its way into many of no on my seemingly disparate thoughts, and transitions to start, that’s not a mistake to let the subject of my book project creep into other things I’m working on. The realization I’m having here is that it’s entirely natural. I try to write about my grandparents escaping a hardscrabble agrarian life and along the way this beer, or another like it, shows up in my essaying, creating tension, trying to no on smooth away the cracked-earth of a droughtstruck farm with its gestures towards the beauty and transitions to start, romance of the pastoral. I try to write about the craft of essay writing using this beer merely as a way in but it fights me for the focus.

And this is no on prop 8 essays nothing to shy away from or edit out. A Thesis? This is epistemological. This is no on prop 8 essays how we stay connected to our thoughts, how none of our essays are truly written in a vacuum. Forward Sweeping? Looking at my folder of current drafts there’s not a single piece that doesn’t bear the mark of the others. There’s the interviews I did at Boulevard Brewing Company for this Saison book, looking out on the brewery’s big roof towards fields of corn and soy north of Kansas City. There’s the Missouri pastoral coming up in a different essay as evidence of prop privilege and as contrast for papers, citizen outrage over police fascism across the state in Ferguson. No On? There’s the emotionally draining late nights spent watching livestreams of Ferguson juxtaposed with the forward sweeping elation of the World Series run for my Kansas City Royals in 8 essays another.

There’s the last baseball games my grandfather would see before he passed away, and there’s the news around the time of his passing that my mother got diagnosed with cancer, and there’s the a good weeks I spent this past semester in something like depression, and there’s the first draft I wrote after weeks of no on 8 essays not writing #8212; wherein a jean jacket I bought reminded me of Roger, a poet/teacher/friend, who passed away a few years ago the memory that Roger introduced me to craft beer in the first place. This is a Solera. Somewhere in every essay I write, yours too, is a bit of the psychological brown essay previous blended in, which itself had some of the one prior to it, which in turn implies a whole cosmology for no on, every essay. The process is a seamless cycle for any essayist who keeps up with the work. Just because we finish an essay doesn’t mean those thoughts the emotions they kicked up don’t get blended back in a thesis with the next barrel. This is how we think, learn, live.

Either we age our thinking and blend it back into new thoughts or we must regularly go back and make current each of our essays, as Montaigne felt the pressure to do. No On Prop? You tell me which feels more natural. In Marsala, Scicily, a solera method is used to psychological of young goodman make Marsala wine. The term in Italian that the winemakers use is in perpetuum . Prop? Steven Church, talking about his essay “Seven Fathoms Down” ( DIAGRAM , 13.5), explains “This is the third essay that I#8217;ve written and published about the same event, each one a different essay, exploration, and attempt. A Good? I suppose it#8217;s some sort of prop 8 essays testament to the lasting power of such things, though not a testament I set out to write. It may seem like bullshit, but the essay found its way to the drowning and I didn#8217;t see it coming.

I just followed the pull.” At the NonfictionNOW conference in 2010, I underlined in my notebook four times a statement from Bonnie J. Rough, who on a panel told the audience “If you want to tile a fish, tile a fish!” That’s great advice. So often I’ll hear someone – a student, a colleague #8212; say that they can’t write about, say, their parents’ divorce again because they’ve “already written The Divorce Essay.” Nah, son. If that divorce keeps wanting to come up in your writing then let it. You don’t get just one shot at any subject. Research Papers On Perception? These things are a part of you forever and they are yours to use, to frame with and re-shape and reconsider, forever. Prop 8 Essays? I wrote a Grandparent Cancer Essay while I was in undergrad, learning the moves. I revisited the jaundice, the funeral, the what cover letter in a anxiety in a different form years later in one of my first published pieces. I find myself revisiting it all again now that all of my grandparents are dead, now that my head is no on 8 essays as bald by choice as that grandfather’s head was by nature, now that I’m cleaning his old work cap and essays about palestinian conflict, wearing it around to protect my scalp. You carry all of your prior essays with you from new draft to new draft. You just might not be aware of the blend percentage. The first essay you ever published is there in your most recent.

Most of the words have evaporated, sure, sent up to the angels, but the no on prop potent essence remains because that essence changed you, that essay changed you. To even recognize it means it’s still there. Barry Grass is originally from Kansas City but now lives in about conflict Philadelphia, where he teaches writing at Hussian College. His chapbook, #8220;Collector#8217;s Item,#8221; was released in 2014 by Corgi Snorkel Press. Work appears in The Normal School, Hobart, Sonora Review, and Annalemma, among other journals.

If you have a solera going, send samples for judgment to Kirk WislandGoodbye to All of Those. I used to say write like everybody you know is dead. It was my signature phrase, a gentle cudgel used to subdue the kind of self-questioning fear that often stunts a writer wading into uncharted waters. An exhortation to write wild, brave and free. Of course this was also when I wrote mostly about the living, when I wrote about the dead primarily as a passing referent, a milepost on my narrative journey. After my grandfather died.

Before my grandmother died. When my cat, or aunt, or grade-school choir director was still alive. Mostly I wrote about those who would never read my words. I didn’t worry about my mean-spirited (but true!) rendition of my choir director, even when he was still alive, because I knew he’d never read it. And on those rare occasions when I did write about the dead, I wrote mostly flattering things, gentle odes to prop those passed on. But when a longtime friend shows up in your newly-adopted state and drinks himself to death in your presence—a real-life Leaving Las Vegas played out over help to write a good several weeks—then you will write the no on prop 8 essays dead. The imperative of knowing, of witnessing—whether it be for atonement, or to honor, or to letter means in a resume punish—you will write the dead. Prop 8 Essays? I am still writing the to start dead, although the no on 8 essays story has trickled out on help to write me at ninety pages—too short for a book, too long for no on prop, an essay.

An Essayvella? Last summer I started writing by hand again, scrawling away in a gray composition notebook. Perched on the balcony of our carriage house apartment, surrounded by my potted palms and psychological analysis of young brown, tropical plants, I let the summer breeze lull me into believing that I was playing the part of Hemingway in Key West, rather than Appalachian Ohio. I hadn’t written with any serious intent in a notebook for no on, six years, having finally trained myself during my MFA program to “be creative” on my laptop. I had been cursed with a stubborn certainty from the earliest years of my literary dabbling: a certainty that one could not—or at least I could not—type creatively in the same manner as I scrawled my barely-legible notebook odysseys. About Conflict? But after a decade of writing longhand, and then turning around and no on, typing those words into a Word document, my wrists were perpetually sore, and papers, my forearms plagued by prop, a recurrent tingling numbness. Fear of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, of a hand clenched into a useless claw, scared me enough to alter my habits. So I pushed on what means resume past my ingrained superstition and discovered that in fact I could conjure expression from the percussion of my fingers on the keys. And every muscle and nerve from no on prop 8 essays, my knuckles to my shoulder blades thanked me.

Part of my decision to return to what does cover letter in a resume writing longhand was about trying to rediscover the joy of writing I used to 8 essays know before I was a “Writer.” I am captive now to a weird writer’s vanity—the vanity of believing all my written words might be significant. It’s an absurd idea. I still generate far more future trash than I do marketable prose. Help? But I no longer feel good “free-doodling.” Writing has become a commodity, or more accurately the time I have for no on, writing is a commodity, and psychological of young, thus I feel the prop 8 essays pressure to make that time count. Each word part of what cover letter means in a resume a sentence, part of a paragraph, part of a final essay to be submitted, part of a book of said essays to be offered up as sacrifice to the capricious gods of publishing. Prop? By getting “serious” about writing, I robbed the act of fun. I used to essay spend hours maniacally scribbling away in coffee shops, putting mostly future-less prose to page. Sure I was going to be a writer someday. But I wasn’t there yet, and no on prop 8 essays, my 90s daydreams of writer greatness were barely more realistic than my previously imagined futures as a rock star or NBA power forward. Somewhere out there people were publishing, but that was no concern of research papers on perception mine.

I was just sharpening my teeth, blasting out hyper-caffeinated prose, working myself into shape, a writing Rocky with the 8 essays theme song in my head. Then one day you publish something. Then you get into an MFA program. Cover Letter? Publish a few more things. Become Nonfiction Editor for a lit journal. Go to some conferences.

Get into no on prop, a PhD program. Compile a big enough Word document to what does letter means have a book or two or three. And where once I merrily dashed off reams of no on prop 8 essays sketches without intent, now I agonize over all the work—the finished pieces still searching for homes, all my megabytes of stalled stories, embers of essay. Now I cringe when the word-flow dams up, when the “essayer” fails to bear fruit. Now I feel the pressure to produce. Now that I have stepped into the ring I have to confront, each time I write, the fear that it might not happen, that nobody is guaranteed a book contract just for to start, finishing their work, that I might peak with a few good essays and then fade away… I wrote the dead swamped in grief. I wrote in regret. I wrote in anger. 8 Essays? Lambasted myself on the page for being unable to save my alcoholic friend. Lambasted him on the page for being unwilling to save himself.

I wrote in forgiveness. I wrote in love. I wrote in remembrance. As the years scrolled by and the transitions death receded back in the rear-view mirror I wrote with increasing detachment, when I wrote him at all. The tidal wave of early words slowed to a river, then a stream, then a trickle. I had said all I could say, disgorged my pages and turned instead to dabbling with rearrangements, trying to no on make the puzzle pieces fit into some semblance of the israeli palestinian conflict a whole. I missed his April birthday this year, for no on prop, the first time since his death.

Today, May 13 th , is three years since we got that call—three years plus a couple days dead and gone. The past is malleable; we shape it and polish it until it resembles what is most palatable to what cover letter in a resume our current selves, and our reflection of those previous incarnations. But the no on prop past is also unpredictable, and like magma oozing along underneath our tectonic plates it occasionally burbles up and breaks through the surface in ways we can’t fathom. Early October, the mid-George W. Bush years, waiting for a train at the Milan airport. It had been six years since that summer in Holland, my brief interlude as romantic expat abroad, and transitions to start, yet waiting for the train I could feel the swell of nostalgia and sorrow bursting up from a long-dormant core, spurred by no on 8 essays, the simple fact that it was the first time I’d been back in Europe since those events. About Palestinian? Melancholy seeping from my pores like magma, and a visceral certainty that I could punch through the wall of the tunnel to no on prop 8 essays find that other me, that other past lurking in shadows just outside the corner of my vision.

I think part of the help to write essay allure of blogging is not just the immediacy of your words, the no on timeliness in response to current events, but also the immediacy of the self. Transitions To Start A Thesis? This is who I am, right now. This is my life, my ideas, my brain on no on the page at this moment , date-stamped for perpetuity. This is the real-time wine and wafer; eat and drink and be one with me. What Cover In A? Because even in the quickest publication turnarounds there is normally a lag-time of months or sometimes years between those words you wrote at that moment when they were fully you, and the day those words go public.

By the time my words see the light of day I am often tired of prop them, having rolled the Sisyphean literary boulder up the hill, writing, shaping, re-shaping. And then you see those words from this lag-time, where they are always that younger you, always a slightly different version, so that in psychological analysis of young essay reading yourself at the moment of no on 8 essays publication you are reading your own history. Some of my oldest Word documents pre-date the Millennium. I can read these stories and attempted memoirs and see myself, but only a refracted version. What Cover Letter Means In A? In a sense I reclaim my history every time I reread them, which is no on prop 8 essays why it is simultaneously exhilarating and research papers on perception, frightening to read those old pieces—or to delve into no on, my old journals, which date back nearly a quarter-century. In the intervening decades those memories were sanded down and sun-bleached, but then I will re-read that passage from the journal of an angst-ridden 19-year-old and be viscerally reminded of analysis who I was then, of that younger, smaller me that still exists in this older form, still forms the inner rings of the tree of me. The faces within the face, “preserved like fossils on no on prop superimposed layers,” as Christopher Isherwood says in A Single Man. And some part of me in the present will be changed by this re-engaged history, the dredging revisions of the factually erroneous silt accumulated over time. Aren’t we writers, particularly we Nonfictioneers, just like Leonard Shelby, the protagonist in Memento— who, having lost all short-term memory, must constantly reconstruct himself from his scrawled notes? Those important truths tattooed all over his torso, never to essays the israeli conflict be forgotten.

Aren’t we writers tattooing ourselves every time we publish? The first two times I was published, I celebrated by treating myself to a new tattoo as reward. I had decided that each new publication would merit a new tattoo, that I would web myself in meaningful ink, become a respectable, literary, non-murderous Leonard Shelby. But I haven’t kept up that tradition. I meant to, but as subsequent publications happened I realized that they were not all of equal significance, and prop, probably not all worthy of their own ink.

And I had other things to spend money on, other people to consider. Tattoos are expensive, and what does cover letter, other than my first publication, which paid for the tattoo and even left some spare change— thank you Milkweed! —none of the subsequent publications, if they have paid at all, have paid enough to no on cover new ink. I have moved on, for the moment, to essays writing the living. No On Prop 8 Essays? Writing a book about my biological father, or more accurately about our relationship, and what it meant to grow up with a gay father in research papers on perception the 1980s during the height of the AIDS crisis. This is a story I’ve always known I had to prop tell, one that friends and professors alike have chided me for delaying. I had originally thought that maybe I wouldn’t write this book until my father died. That maybe out of respect for him, I ought to wait. But I realized something important, in the israeli palestinian the process of prop 8 essays writing the to start a thesis book of the prop 8 essays dead friend: it isn’t easier when they’re gone. To Start? In many ways it’s harder.

What you might think of as the advantage of prop 8 essays avoiding those awkward moments— they’ll never read it —are offset by the guilt one feels for writing them without the possibility of correction. Of being able to analysis say anything you want. Of presenting their likeness without consent. Part of prop 8 essays me fears certain passages I’ve written already about transitions my father, things that will surely hurt him to read. Part of prop 8 essays me also fears the passages I haven’t written yet, the stories I’m slowly working myself up to, the ones I can’t imagine having a conversation with my father about. But we can do that. We can talk . And maybe in talking about these events, the stories themselves will become better, truer—more purely Nonfiction—as we hash out the on perception differences in our memories to find a palatable shared truth. Isn’t that much more likely to be true than my singular version of prop events? Isn’t that more fair, more honest? Those old Microsoft Word documents are in danger of becoming outdated, of the israeli conflict living past the current technology’s ability to reach back and prop 8 essays, speak to them.

It’s weird to essays about think about because we always assume that technological improvements are without consequence, inherently positive. But of course with each passing year the incentive diminishes for the engineers at Microsoft to make sure that the newest version of Word is still configured to no on prop be compatible with antique, pre-Millennium versions of psychological brown essay itself. No On 8 Essays? And I keep ignoring the compatibility messages when I open one of these ancient scrolls, confident in the fact that we no longer live in the dark ages of technology when Apple and Microsoft spoke separate languages, warring across a tech channel like the French and the British. But I know that one day—maybe not next year, or ten years from now—but some day in the future my precious scrawls from transitions a thesis, 1997 will no longer be readable. No On Prop? Which leads to a counter-intuitive and strangely exhilarating thought: let them die. Delete all. Delete them all. Transitions A Thesis? Like John Steinbeck burning The Oklahomans —his first attempt at The Grapes of Wrath— and starting over prop from scratch. Imagine the weightlessness of a thesis returning to a blank slate. Of digitally burning everything not already in no on print.

Of saying thanks for all the practice, now toss those canvasses into the bonfire and does letter means in a, begin anew. What if we could start over? What if we could erase everything we’d ever written, and truly forget? What would my next sentence be if I knew I would never re-read my old words? Kirk Wisland’s work has appeared in The Normal School, Creative Nonfiction, The Diagram, Paper Darts, Electric Literature, Phoebe, Essay Daily, and the Milkweed Press Anthology Fiction on no on 8 essays a Stick. He is a doctoral student in Creative Writing at Ohio University. He has not yet hit #8220;delete all.#8221; Lying in Translation: Notes Towards a Truthful MemoirBrooke Champagne. In the grocery stores, dime stores, department stores of the New Orleans East neighborhood where I grew up, my grandmother stole and what does means in a, I lied. It became part of the rhythm of our days: Lala brought us into no on, the English-speaking world, where the Americans talked like chirping, or was it squawking birds—I can’t pin down the analogous word, but I knew she didn’t like the sound of it, ese maldito ingles —and she spoke only Spanish, so I served as translator. Very quickly I learned I must lie.

Because at research papers on perception TGY off Michoud Boulevard, Lala deigned to purchase household items like toilet paper or detergent, but stole whatever tchotchke it was I wanted. In the no on check-out line the cashier might ask how we were doing, to to write essay which Lala would reply in Spanish, “I’m fantastic, you dummy, because I’m stealing from you, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” All those sad cashiers from my memory thought our routine so cute: the Ecuadorian woman and the granddaughter who spoke for her. That nice lady who complimented their haircuts, or the orderliness of the store. The woman who, no matter what inexplicable foreign sounds were coming from her mouth, was, according to her granddaughter, always having a nice day. Lying in translation was simply part of my childhood. I couldn’t tell the world the truth about who Lala was. At home she was my world, and I hers— mi amor , mi vida , mi tesoro —but in no on 8 essays public she made me cringe. She couldn’t even speak English, and it didn’t matter that she declined to learn by abstention because she hated the language so.

All the world’s books, as far as I knew, were written in English. In this language, learning happened, so in my estimation, Lala refused to learn. I identified Spanish with fierce love and anti-intellectualism, and English where rules were made and followed. My English expanded through school and transitions, the limitless stories and worlds offered by books. My Spanish had one character, one plot, one god, and that was Lala. She both admired and begrudged my time with reading, and I knew the day would come when I was forced to pick a language. The more ensconced I became in the English-speaking world, especially when I was at home with Lala, the more of a traitor I became.

Sometime in my adolescence I permanently defected to English. I spent the first ten years of my life speaking Spanish every day, and in the subsequent twenty-five years I may have spoken three months’ worth of the no on 8 essays language. I learned to love American boys and men in English, but because of Lala, I thought for some time I’d never be able to grapple with complex ideas in help to write a good essay Spanish. In Spanish I only 8 essays felt. In Spanish one was either the betrayer or the betrayed. Spanish was my dreamy past, and English the a more certain, stolid present and future. The irony is that when I became a writer I had no interest in writing fiction, or at forward sweeping method least in fictionalizing our story. I didn’t want to no on prop create a zany Hispanic grandmother performing zany stunts. I had to write her . But through force of childhood habit, I was out of practice in telling her truthfully. And for all the “what is truth in help to write a good memoir?” debates surrounding this genre, I think the foremost strategy for writing it is pretty straightforward: try not to lie.

Tell the no on truth as you remember it: don’t make more or less of anything or anyone, including yourself. For me this has been complicated by not only my early propensity to lie, but that the truth as I remember it happened in psychological brown essay Spanish. Translating these memories and Lala’s actions into English feels false. In considering this false feeling, I’m reminded of prop 8 essays a moment in Richard Rodriguez’s memoir Hunger of Memory , when as a boy he’s asked by a friend of his, a gringo , to translate what Rodriguez’s Mexican grandmother has just yelled out to him from analysis of young brown essay, her window: “He wanted to no on prop know what she had said. I started to tell him, to papers on perception say—to translate her Spanish words into English. The problem was, however, that though I knew how to translate exactly what she had told me, I realized that any translation would distort the prop deepest meaning of her message: It had been directed only to palestinian me.

This message of no on 8 essays intimacy could never be translated because it was not in the words she had used but passed through them. So any translation would have seemed wrong; her words would have been stripped of papers on perception any essential meaning. Finally, I decided not to prop tell my friend anything. I told him that I didn’t hear all she had said.” What Rodriguez expresses here is the untranslatability not of language, but of people and their intimacies. I feel already the person I’ve sketched so far is more Latina imp than Lala.

How to capture her largeness, her generosity followed by her startling moments of pettiness, without allowing the reader to hear and understand her voice directly? And I cannot, as some bilingual authors do, write our story first in the language closest to the experience. My Spanish is analysis of young essay no longer, and perhaps never was, that strong. Today I can still tell Lala I love her and narrate the changing details of no on prop my life; I can still make her laugh. But if she were unable to hear, I couldn’t write any of it for her in a language she could understand. Papers? In his 1800 essay “On Language and Words,” philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer proposes a specific marker for prop 8 essays, the mastery of does cover letter a language: when the speaker is capable of translating not words but oneself into 8 essays, the other language. This issue of retaining one’s personality and authentic self across languages remains troubling because in my distance from Spanish, I’m not sure how much I can accurately define who I was when I lived in that language, or who I am within Spanish even now. What Cover? I recall my young, primarily Spanish-speaking self as devoid of no on 8 essays personality, as completely dependent on Lala’s love alone, as a vessel in which the only thing more powerful than the will to please was the silently-brewing mutiny over my leader and her language. When I think of who I am in Spanish now, when I speak it with Lala, I wonder if I’m still more who she would like me to be—the loud, brash, fearless woman she once was—than I actually am. In Spanish I search more vigilantly for the humor, the transitions to start a thesis absurdity, the magic of living, I find colors and sounds bolder and more daunting, I hear in every sentence a song. It’s an exhausting way to 8 essays live, which may be why I don’t do it (or speak it) often.

To be an what does cover in a, always-on vaudevillian in one’s second language is no on no small task. With that in mind, let me translate a joke from Spanish. Last winter I visited Cuba to prepare for a writing exchange this summer between my students at the University of Alabama and forward method, Cuban students at the University of 8 essays San Geronimo in Havana. As part of our exploration, a colleague and I visited the what means resume Tropicana Club, famous for its lush tropical gardens, stunning light shows, and no on 8 essays, nearly-nude dancers. We arrived early and as I was served my first drink, an icy Cristal cerveza in its tall green bottle, a bird shat all over the left side of my head, shoulder, dress. The mortified waiters hastily brought me napkins and, more promptly than they did the surrounding tables, my complimentary bottle of Havana Club Rum. Research Papers? Everyone apologized profusely: disculpeme , perdoname , que pena . But one waiter knew just what to say as he dabbed my shoulder with a moist napkin: mejor un pajaro que un caballo . Better a bird than a horse. And the waiter’s joke made me laugh. Made me forget all about the bird shit. But the more I’ve thought of the prop 8 essays joke since, what it would be like if someone told it to me in English after I’d been shat on by an Alabamian bird, I don’t think it would hold the same weight.

I don’t know if it would be as fun. Magical realism isn’t just a writing genre in forward sweeping method for radial Latin American cultures: it’s a way of seeing the world. For a second at the Tropicana, I thought, yeah, I really do need to watch for the flying horses. No: los caballos que volan . As alluded to earlier, Schopenhauer asserts that we think differently in every language, that we construct new ways of seeing that don’t exist in our original language, where there may be lacking a conceptual equivalent. A further inference might be made, which is that we feel differently in no on every language, too. A bird will more readily shit on me in Spanish, in the language where I’ll more readily laugh at it. It makes sense for analysis goodman brown, me to prop 8 essays momentarily fear flying horses in Spanish, as ludicrous as that sounds when I’m translating it now. Psychological Analysis? When I write about Lala, I could tell just the facts: when she was five years old she watched her mother die of tuberculosis, choking on her blood; she was taken in 8 essays by three vindictive aunts who chopped off her hair, made her kneel on rice so often she rarely had skin there; she’s a raised eyebrow away from of young brown essay, five feet tall, but in my memory she’s massive, capable of flooding the kitchen and drowning us with her tears when she cried, and she cried often, in her fear and her anger that I didn’t love her enough. In her I saw all those sad stories manifested in no on prop 8 essays her body.

She could literally drown me. I did my best not to make her cry. That’s the problem with facts. The truth of how I read her and felt about her slips in around them. Translating words and phrases from essays about the israeli conflict, Spanish to English, while a vigorous academic exercise, isn’t my greatest difficulty in writing about my past with Lala. What’s most confounding is no on finding a way to translate her actions.

What if I told you of one of the specific ways in which Lala loved: how she kissed me as a child, kissed every place, every powdered part? And that she kissed there well into the years I have memory, kissed even when I could name those private parts, in those days before I felt ashamed of them? How can I translate her intention which, despite all of Lala’s failings, I’ve only ever read as absolute love? I can tell you that in English-speaking MFA workshop critiques, Lala’s love has been compared to the destructive, perverse one found in psychological analysis of young goodman Kathryn Harrison’s The Kiss , the memoir in which the narrator recounts her love affair with her biological father. What happened to no on 8 essays me was abuse, I’ve been informed, and was advised by some peers not to write about research papers it. Or at least fictionalize my story, with the tacit implication it would make readers more comfortable. Is it through these kisses, they asked, that I want to be known as a writer?

Now, long out of the MFA workshop, I still ask myself whether or not I can be trusted now to know what I felt across not just languages, but cultures. No On? To express my struggles with language and interpretation, I need English. To express the most important parts of myself, how I learned to love and how I learned to be, I need Spanish. But what does it mean if my facility with Spanish isn’t what it used to be? Through losing a great deal of one of my languages, have I lost significant parts of myself? Now just one more story (or is what does cover means in a it a riddle, or a joke, a puzzle?), one that Lala told me dozens of times growing up. It’s the no on prop 8 essays refrain of my childhood: el cuento del gallo pelon . The story of the bald rooster. Forward Sweeping? Here’s how the story often went: Lala: Do you want me to tell you the story about the prop 8 essays bald rooster? Lala: I didn’t say anything about psychological essay yes . I asked you if you wanted to hear the story of the bald rooster. No On Prop? Me: Please, just tell me! Lala: I don’t understand what you mean by please . I’m simply asking if you want to hear the story of the bald rooster.

Me: I want to hear the story! You’re getting on analysis of young goodman brown my nerves! Lala: Here you sit talking about nerves and stories when I’m trying to tell you my story of the 8 essays bald rooster. And on and on this non-story would nightmarishly go. A Thesis? Through this story neither teller nor listener ever leave the 8 essays question—the story is never finished. It requires perhaps the devotion of a child to continuously ask for more when resolution is this improbable, and a lover of essay language to prop 8 essays begin the circuitous dialogue in the first place. This story, as is turns out, is an essays about the israeli, appropriate metaphor for my work on no on 8 essays the Lala memoir. I’ve been writing parts of it for eleven years, off and on. Friends say “tell me more, tell me more,” and I respond, I am telling it . Lala.

Memoir. What are you writing? I’m writing it. This story. That story. And on papers and on the dialogue goes with no resolution. I don’t know if there’s any solution to the “how do I write this memoir?” dilemma other than to write first and worry over no on prop potential problems later. If there’s a solution to my own, it may be in its tentative title. Psychological Analysis Goodman Brown Essay? Translating my Lala stories requires necessary lies across my languages. Though translation may be maddening, may feel false, may require stops and starts, the alternative is the silence Richard Rodriguez answered with when asked what his grandmother had said.

My grandmother is called Lala. I want to tell you what she said and prop, what she did. How her love could be frightening, and forward sweeping method, sublime. Through the best words I can find, if not always the exact ones, I’ll try to show you. Rodriguez, Richard. Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez . New York: Random House, 1982. Print. Schulte, Rainer and John Biguenet, eds. Theories of Translation: An Anthology of prop 8 essays Essays from Dryden to Derrida . Chicago: Chicago UP, 2002. Print. Brooke Champagne was born and raised in New Orleans, LA and now writes and what does cover letter means, teaches in no on prop 8 essays Tuscaloosa, AL.

Her work appears or is forthcoming in Los Angeles Review , New Ohio Review , Prick of the Spindle , and Louisiana Literature , among other journals. She is at work on her first collection of personal essays, and her memoir about letter in a resume her grandmother, Lala. No On Prop? I used to does cover letter in a think I was born for big. things. No On Prop? I would be well-known, admired. Change the world. But fame is for method, the dead. Van Gogh, Once, Francesca Cuzzoni refused to. sing the prop 8 essays first aria in Handel’s. Help A Good? opera. No On? Madame, he said, I know you. are a veritable devil, but I would. have you know that I am Beelzebub, chief of them all. Handel was either a musical genius. or, if Sir Isaac Newton can be. trusted with anything, unremarkable. save for the elasticity of research papers on perception his. Then Handel took the. soprano by the waist and swore that. he would throw her from the window… Michelangelo in a. late at night.

Picture him by. Prop? candlelight, working tendon. from bone, muscle from muscle. Forward Method For Radial? as if untwining lengths of. Or Professor von Hagen in a. black leather fedora exchanging. fluids for plastic in the most. No On Prop 8 Essays? splendid parts of the human. lungs laced with purple veins, translucent sheets of flesh. Research Papers? Watch bones bend in his hands. Watch him fashion, form, sculpt, create. What is no on 8 essays art if not tender. revelation?

What is art if not. dedicated to love? Look to the. body. Touch it. Run your. fingers over means resume the shapes of it. Taste it. Smell it. The ecstasy of an ear drove Van.

Gogh to madness, forgetting. hunger and thirst in the sun. with his canvas empty before. When I connect the freckles on. the back of my left shoulder, I. have a Chagall. Prop? Aqueous sky. An anchorless range of. mountains. A tilty, four-layer, rum chocolate cake.

A man, drunk, is to start a thesis dismembered by a. passing train. His wife buys a red. dress, her heart filled with wet. ash. The dress is blue red, cold red. She licks sugar from prop 8 essays, her fingers. The scrape of her shoes on cement. make her think of rats. She sits in the kitchen with her feet on a stepstool. Psychological Analysis Of Young? wearing the same expression she puts on for church.

Sir Isaac Newton heard the opening of the dawn. Thomas Edison was afraid of the dark. Lord Carnarvon and no on prop, his dog died at the precise moment. the power failed in Cairo. Think of the clipped light caught. in the wife’s kitchen window: a measure of blue, a stitch of green, a ribbon of pink across. the bridge of her nose.

How it comes on swift wings, such small disturbances of. Traci O. Connor is a novelist, poet, flash-memoir writer, and transitions to start, author of the prop short story collection, Recipes for what does cover letter in a, Endangered Species (Tarpaulin Sky Press). She has been a professor, a radio talk-show host, and no on 8 essays, a construction worker. She also played college basketball a long time ago, plays the piano sporadically now, cooks without recipes, and loves TV. She lives with her spouse, the writer Jackson Connor, in Athens, OH with a various number of children depending, one labradoodle, and a cat named Fred.

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9. Windows programmer - Visual Basic. Systems developer with extensive experience in 3-tier applications interested in designing and no on, building large scale systems. Research Papers On Perception? Skilled at developing and explaining technical solutions to business oriented individuals and groups. Desired Job Type: Employee Desired Status: Full-Time Salary: 85,000.00 USD Per Year Site Location: No Preference. Description of my perfect job:

My ideal position would involve working with talented people dedicated to being the no on best without sacrificing relationships with clients or fellow employees. Career Level: Mid Career (2+ years of research on perception experience) Date of Availability: Negotiable. Company Size: No Preference. Category: Information Technology. Description of my ideal company: My ideal company would focus on customer satisfaction by encouraging its employees to develop their ideas, approaches and abilities.

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Visual Basic Expert Currently used 4 years. C++/ATL Intermediate Currently used 1 years. SQL Server Expert Currently used 4 years. MTS/COM+ Expert Currently used 2 years. ASP/XML/HTML Intermediate Currently used 2 years. Microsoft Certified Solution Developer. Microsoft Certified Professional. Summary of no on 8 essays Experience. Visual Basic(VB), Active Server Pages(ASP),VB Script, JavaScript, MS SQL Server 7.0 Oracle, COM/DCOM, MTS, XML, HTML, DHTML. SR. WEB DEVELOPER - *****************- Nov’99 - Present.

· Involved in forward for radial the analysis and design of prop database, SQL Server 7.0 using ERWin. · Involved in the design and psychological analysis of young brown, implementation of data driven, role based, language oriented, site bases and application specific DHTML menus by using XML and prop, COM. Multiple applications run on the same environment for different users based on his/her role, site, and language. · Deigned and implemented site for multiple languages based on user selection by using XML and COM. · Implemented back office system to integrate with user application and client order processing system by research using MSMQ and manual. · Developed and implemented COM business objects and no on prop 8 essays, data interfaces for the sites hosted on forward sweeping MTS.

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Developed ASP using Visual InterDev 6.0, Front Page 98 on Pentium under Windows NT 4.0 utilizing IIS 4.0, SQL Server 7.0 and ER-1. Upgraded existing admissions database consisting of student and employee information, salary structure, and purchasing and financial accounting modules. Prop? The database was accessible to faculty, administrative staff and students through the campus Intranet. The Financial Accounting System was computerized to keep track of the palestinian conflict following transactions: bank payments, bank receipts, cash payments, cash receipts, cash withdrawals and vouchers. · Involved in the analysis and design of no on prop 8 essays database using ER-1. · Created the Database in SQL Server 7.0 Using Query Analyzer. · Created Views, Stored Procedures and Triggers in SQL Server 7.0. · Involved in design and development of essays about the israeli ASP Pages in prop Front Page 98, Visual InterDev 6.0.

· ASP Pages were developed using HTML, DHTML, Style Sheets, and means in a, Scriptlets. · Created COM Objects using Visual Basic 6.0. · Deployed the no on prop 8 essays business objects on does letter resume MTS. · Involved in no on prop managing the project in Visual Source Safe. · Performed server side validations and data access using VB Script and ADO 2.0.

· Performed Client side validations using Java Script in Front Page 98. · Involved in design of the israeli palestinian program specifications and testing of the no on prop ASP Pages. · Form Level Documentation Completed. · SRS (software Requirement Specification) Completed for about the israeli palestinian I S O Certification. Project: Train Information Package. Developed a fully integrated corporate Intranet system to keep track of the Train Timing’s and schedules.

The project was implemented in ASP using Visual InterDev 6.0 and Front Page 98 on no on 8 essays Pentium under Windows NT 4.0 utilizing IIS 4.0, Oracle 7.3 and ER Win. · Involved in design of database using Erwin and SQL Plus 3.3. · Involved in research papers on perception design and development of ASP Pages using Visual InterDev 6.0 and no on prop 8 essays, Front Page 98. · Performed client side validations using Java Script in Front Page 98. · Performed server side script using HTML, DHTML and research, Style Sheets. · Performed data access using VB Script and no on, ADO 2.0. Project: Inventory Management System. Hardware: Pentium, PC, and Windows NT 4.0. Developed an Inventory Management System (IMS) application in what cover a client server environment. The IMS tracks customer management, sales, invoicing, invoice aging, purchases and payment scheduling and maintains employee information. Developed a retailed management system, which provides interactive screens for information on sales, purchases, quantity-on hand, re-order quantity and returns.

Data Modeling for this application was done using Erwin 1.2. Project: Management Information System. Platform: Oracle 7.0 Server, Forms 4.0 and Reports 2.0 using Client/Server. Architecture Role: Design, Development and implementation with Complete Documentation. Managed all information related to the activities of Marketing, Production and customer Service departments like tender evaluation, customer transactions, production, delivery schedules, service complaints received, and no on prop, servicing details. This application generated weekly status reports of the psychological of young above actions. · Involved in the design of database.

· Created stored procedures, functions and triggers. · Involved in developing and coding screens to Window standards. Project: Personnel and Payroll management. PlatForm: Oracle 7.3, V B 5.0, Crystal Reports, Pentium, and Windows ‘95. Designed and developed a database for 8 essays the personnel department. Database activities included: all facets of payroll, human resources, insurance enrollments and recurring deposit deductions. · Involved in the design of transitions a thesis database. · Created stored procedures, functions and triggers. · Involved in 8 essays developing and coding screens to Window standards.

· Generated Various Reports by Using Crystal Reports. Education: Bachelor of research Science. Women's Christian College. University of prop 8 essays Madras: Master of Arts. Certifications: Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) Designing and Implementing distributed Applications with MS Visual Basic 6.0. Implementing a Database Design on MS SQL Server 6.5. Developing Applications with MS Visual Basic 5.0.

Five years professional experience in software design, software development and to write, team management. Possess excellent technical skills, complemented by excellent interpersonal skills. Visual Basic 6.0,5.0, 4.0, COM+, COM, Active Server Pages (ASP), SQL, Oracle 7.3, Commerce Server 2000, IIS 2.0, MS SQL Server 2000,7.0,6.5 and 6.0, Sybase 4.2, MS Transaction Server 2.0, MS Visual Interdev 6.0, WinCVS 1.1, C ++, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, MS Front Page, Visual Source Safe 6.0,5.0, 4.0, Crystal Reports 5.0, Windows NT 4.0 and 3.51, ODBC 3.0 and 2.5, SQA Suite 5.0, Visual Test 4.0. Las Vegas, Nevada. May 2000 - Current. ***************** is a sell-side solution stack based on Microsoft Commerce Server 2000(r) combined with a rich set of independent software solutions. XUMA CommerceX is an integrated solution including XUMA product extensions that increases the no on feature set. Some of the features added were real time payment processing using Cybersource , e-mail confirmations , password feature extensions, gift certificates, order adjustments, UPS USPS shipping and tracking, multiple address shipments etc. * Lead developer on transitions to start a team of 10.

* Extended existing Commerce Server functionality to include gift certificates, express checkout, UPS USPS shipping tracking, Real time credit card and electronic check processing using Cybersource. * Worked on no on prop 8 essays the alpha, beta and Release candidate version of essays about the israeli palestinian Commerce Server 2000. * Implemented COM+ components as part commerce server pipeline objects. * Extended the base commerce server schema to accommodate customization and personalization. * Wrote several stored procedures and triggers using SQL Server 2000. * Evaluated and no on prop 8 essays, suggested implementations of various third party tools like Buzzpower and Webcrossing and various stress tools. * Wrote several design/functional documents use cases to be used by help a good members of the team. * Lead the HTML integration effort to customize the no on 8 essays interface based on to start a thesis XUMA's preferences. Commerce Server 2000, Visual Basic 6.0, Active Server Pages, SQL, IIS 2.0, SQL Server 2000, Windows 2000 Server, WinCVS 1.1, COM +, Visual Interdev 6.0, 80x86 architecture.

October 1998- April 2000. LoanXchange is no on, a three-tier client/server system that integrates and automates the processing of mortgage loans from point-of-sale through secondary marketing, and includes an open, common underwriting platform. Its underlying infrastructure incorporates a relational, mortgage data model, open systems design, real-time pipeline management, business rules-based decision support, and customized work process automation. * Involved in the design and a thesis, development of the data capture edit engine where Oracle stored procedures are executed dynamically using Oracle's DBMS_SQL engine. * Developed a business specific ActiveX control that incorporates user defined searches. * Developed common COM DLLs to be used all over the system.

* Developed Active Server Pages using Visual Interdev utilizing both JavaScript and no on prop 8 essays, VBScript to register loans in the system. * Converted existing VB embedded SQL code into Oracle Packages so that execution would be faster. * Developed a common custom DLL which took care of specific client requirements. * Made further enhancements to the user-interface and method, user business layers of the Pricing component to suit market requirements. * Made changes to existing Active Server Pages and Oracle packages. * Involved in no on prop the analysis and design of forward sweeping method specific client modules. * Involved in prop 8 essays the conversion of Oracle 7.3 SQL statements to SQL Server 7.0. * Used numerous third party custom controls including FarPoint edit controls, Far Point Spread Control and Sheridan Data widgets. * Made enhancements to existing MTS Components. Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, Active Server Pages, COM, HTML, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL, Oracle 7.3, SQL Server 7.0, Windows NT 4.0, Visual Source Safe 6.0, ODBC 3.0, Microsoft Transaction Server 2.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, SQL Navigator 3.0, TOAD, 80x86 architecture. Santa Clara California.

Project: Secretary of State Project. October 1997 - September 1998. This system is an essays, online corporation filing system, developed for the Secretary of State of 8 essays Indiana. Transitions To Start? It allows the Secretary of State staff to no on prop 8 essays, process, edit, search, and report on corporation filings, and automates fax and transitions a thesis, e-mail delivery of prop corporate filings. * Lead team of 5 developers.

* Designed and developed common objects to be used by the rest of the team. * Design and help to write a good essay, develop filing and retrieval modules. * Build OCX and DLL libraries for use by development team. * Involved in the setup and maintenance of the SQL Server Database. * Involved in the analysis and 8 essays, design of the database. * Involved in fine tuning SQL Server and in tuning SQL statements used in to write a good the application.

* Design user interfaces. Visual Basic 5.0, SQL, SQL Server 6.5, Windows NT 4.0, Visual Source Safe 5.0,ODBC 3.0, 80x86 architecture. May 1997 - September 97. ***************** were aimed to prop 8 essays, provide administration tools for tracking students at the district-level, consolidation of data for all schools within a district, standardized lookups throughout the help a good essay district for data consistency, and reporting of student information extracted from schools within the district. No On? It is highly integrated and what cover letter means, compatible with the existing McGraw-Hill School Systems windows-based administrative applications, in particular the prop school-based product. Research On Perception? The database is a distributed database, which uses SQL Server's replication technology and Microsoft's Open Data Services. The system has a three tier architecture comprising of the user interface, user business and data service layers. No On Prop 8 Essays? The development was done by Microsoft Consulting Services. To Write A Good? To ensure proper market exposure of McGraw-Hill School Systems in the academic software market, the prop Beta release date was critical and was met.

* Testing and fine-tuning the application to integrate the research school administration system with the 8 essays District administration system. * Created several reports using Crystal reports 5.0 to further enhance the usefulness of the product. * Wrote SQL Server stored procedures, which returned data to cover letter means resume, be used by 8 essays Crystal Reports. * Made further enhancements to the user-interface and user business layers of the papers product to suit customer requirements. * Conducted a two-day training program on 8 essays Crystal Reports 5.0. * Involved in the design and architecture of transitions to start a thesis version 2.0 of this product. Visual Basic 4.0, SQL Server 6.5, Windows NT 4.0, SQA Suite 5.0,Visual Source Safe 4.0, ODBC 3.0, Visual Test 4.0, 80x86 architecture. Client: Microsoft Consulting Services, Denver, Colorado. Project: McGraw-Hill District Systems (MHDS)

August 1996 - April 1997. Worked on an independent module involving Filtering Students based on specific filter criteria and no on, searching for specific students across schools within a district. * Designed the objects specific to the module using OLE automation. * Wrote highly object oriented user interface code, which references the OLE server. * The voluminous data is handled through Microsoft's Remote Data object. Essays About Palestinian Conflict? Exploited RDO to its maximum to ensure speed and efficiency for the smooth retrieval of filtered / searched data from a voluminous database. * Involved in the design and coding of specific SQL stored procedures with the corresponding VB wrappers. * Involved in QA and used visual Test and prop 8 essays, SQA to forward method for radial, automate testing on no on prop 8 essays the finished product. Visual Basic 4.0, SQL, SQL Server 6.5, Windows NT 4.0, SQA Suite 5.0, Visual Source Safe 4.0, ODBC 3.0, Visual Test 4.0, 80x86 architecture. Madras, India Jan 96 - August 96. Project: Central reservation System.

Jan 96 - August 96. This system was developed for sweeping a chain of five star hotels in India. The purpose of this application was to enable them to 8 essays, make reservations to any hotel in this chain from any location. This system was developed using Microsoft's Remote Data Objects. * Designed and method, developed the banquet hall reservation, food and facility selection and function posting modules. * Created stored procedure and views, which were used in the application. * Involved in no on 8 essays the design review and quality assurance of this product. Visual Basic 4.0, SQL, SQL Server 6.0, ODBC 2.5, Visual Source Safe 4.0, Windows NT V3.51, 80x86 architecture. Jan 96 - Aug 96: Provided in-house training in Visual Basic 4.0 and 3.0, Sybase 4.2 and psychological of young goodman essay, SQL Server 6.0. October 1998- April 2000: Learned and used ISO documentation and coding standards.

October 2000 : Attended Developmentor's course on 8 essays Essential C++ for non-C programmers. I am looking for a position as a Senior ASP, VB Developer. SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS. Over 5 years in web application programming strong experience with ActiveX, ASP, Cold Fusion, ISAPI, IE and Netscape browser object models, JavaScript and VBScript, COM/DCOM, OLEDB/ADO, Internationalization Localization, SQL. Over 5 years in OOP and OOD using Visual Basic. Strong experience with MS SQL database design, query and database construction, performance tuning and optimization.

Strong knowledge of object oriented approach, relational database development, client/server technology, and papers, strong experience in application design. MCSE, MCDBA, BrainBench Master ASP Programmer, Master ColdFusion 4.5 Programmer, Master JavaScript Programmer, MCSD in progress. No On Prop 8 Essays? Visual Basic, VBScript, JavaScript, T-SQL, PLSQL, XML, UML, DHTML, CFML, HTML. ASP, ColdFusion, OOD and OOP, ActiveX, COM, DCOM, ADO, ODBC, DAO, OLE DB, CGI programming. MS Visual Basic, MS Visual InterDev, PL/SQL Developer, ColdFusion Studio, MS FrontPage. Oracle 8, MS SQL 7/6.5, MS Access.

MS IIS, MS Site Server, MS Visual SourceSafe, MS Visio MS Transaction Server, MS Office, Rational Rose. Principal Developer / Team leader. As head of a development team I am responsible for designing and developing an does cover resume, engine based on metadata and XML. That engine is intended for building customized, high scalable and no on 8 essays, high performance web applications. There can be contact management systems, document-flows systems, business portals or anything else. The project structure allows creating any logical views, business rules, security rules and store any other information. Also I am responsible for day-to-day management of help essay 7 Software Developers and Consultants and no on prop 8 essays, complete life-cycle development including: Requirements Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and a thesis, Post Implementation. No On 8 Essays? Based on the engine we have made a number Internet portals: job agency, classifieds center, auction server and dating agency As part of a development team I am developing COM component for transforming objects, stored in a database, to standard COM structures (for example: table's rows to help a good essay, property, stored procedures to methods). No On Prop? Also I am developing XML/XSL based web application, which uses that component in a government company's Intranet.

I am a consultant in a good WAP project witch provide access to no on prop, the best Russian mail service I help the development team with the design of WAP structures and psychological analysis of young goodman, make the project compatible with all WAP browsers. I am developing COM component for custom XML/XSL transformation and no on 8 essays, a component for conflict hierarchy presentation for future use. In each project we used UML diagrams for keeping information and understanding the structure and of source MS Source Safe server for tracking changes and version keeping. Windows 2000, MS IIS 5.0, MS SQL 2000/7, Oracle 8, MS Visual InterDev, MS Visual Basic 6.0, MS Visual SourceSafe, ColdFusion 4.5, Rational Roses, PL/SQL Developer, ADO, OLE DB, ASP, MS Office, MS Visio, MS Project. I developed parts of an Internet portal for an Australian Internet company. It was a public news, contact, events, and meetings management system at and a youth fun center at I developed a client-side DHTM application and a server-side application also; I developed part of a database for storing contact and event information. In addition I developed a contact management system at a contact management system for 8 essays the Singapore government. Essays About The Israeli Palestinian? I designed DHTM client-side interfaces based on custom, easy for configure templates and a server-side ASP application. Windows NT 4.0, MS IIS 4.0, MS SQL 7, MS Visual InterDev, MS Access 7.0, MS Visual Basic 6.0, MS Visual SourceSafe, Cristal Report, MS Visio, ADO/OLEDB, ASP.

Developing e-commerce web site and database for keeping information about products, clients, prices and no on prop 8 essays, orders. Developed distributed system for what does cover resume MLM in the Internet. As database developer I did database design, created ERD analysis of the faculty (diagrammed tables, fields, primary and foreign keys, types of relationships, business rules). Analyzed possible queries and reports. 8 Essays? I developed an administrative web based and stand-alone application for managing the necessary information and supporting this system. Forward Sweeping? Developed client-side DHTML application for no on prop creating web site's templates. Windows NT 4.0, MS IIS 4.0, MS SQL 7, MS Visual InterDev, MS Access 7.0, MS Visual Basic 6.0, MS Visual SourceSafe, Cristal Report, MS Visio, ADO/OLEDB, ASP. Worked as web programmer and database developer in ISP LEK Telecom. I was developing a lot of stand-alone, web based, client-side DHTML applications and statistic reports. Designed clients web sites and letter means, databases using MS IIS 3.0/4.0 and MS SQL 6.5, supported system and database.

Developed intranet client-server application, web site and database for keeping information about employees, clients, accounts, finances, etc. Design, coding, testing, and no on, user training of GUI for the end users, using both VB and does letter means, VB macro language. Windows NT 4.0/95/3.11, MS IIS 3.0/4.0, MS SQL 6.5, MS Visual InterDev, MS Visual Basic 5.0, ADO, ASP. MS in Computer Science. Available upon request. To secure a Senior Software Engineering/Software Development Manager contract to permanent or permanent position. I am especially interested in opportunities programming in a PC / Windows environment utilizing Visual Basic, developing web solutions using cutting edge internet technologies. Interested in prop client server web based development with SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Oracle, and Sybase databases. 10/00 - 12/00 Manager Software Development, ***************** , San Diego, Ca.

*Manage WebTv project with Microsoft being our client, lead a small team of developers. *Interface with customer and producers to define system requirements, product design. *Develop client/server software with VB6, Sql Server 7, MSMQ, Winsock control, XML. *Interview and initiate hiring of IT professionals. 6/00 - 9/00 Senior Software Engineer (Contract), ***************** , San Diego, Ca. * Develop client/server web application using VB6 creating Active X controls running under MTS and accessing SQL Server 7.0 database.

* Create business and data layer COM components and utilized ADO. 4/00 - 6/00 Senior Software Engineer (Contract), ***************** , San Diego,Ca. * Develop client/server application using VB6 with OO techniques, and SQL Server 7.0 database. * Create COM components and utilized ADO, and VB's Data Environment. * Debug and document medical application.

10/99 - 4/00 Senior Software Engineer(Contract), ***************** , San Diego, Ca. * Develop mass email solution using VB6 ADO/COM, DSN, and SQL Sever 7.0. * Develop mass fax solution using VB6 ADO/COM DSN, and SQL Server 7.0. * Develop Email bouncing solution using VB6 ADO/COM, DSN, ansd SQL Server 7.0. * Design database tables, write stored procedures, create documentation. * Design and does cover means in a resume, develop middle tier business COM objects using VB6 and MTS for prop corporate web site. * Perform research of psychological analysis of young goodman brown development issues such as internationalization and credit card solutions.

6/99 - 9/99 Senior S/W Engineer(Contract), ***************** , San Diego, Ca. * Lead system integration of an nth tier client server web application that utilize NT 4.0, SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, COM, IIS, MTS, MSMQ. * Troubleshoot and no on prop 8 essays, resolve integration issues and maintain system operation of Development, Test, Production, and Alternate Production environments. * Coordinate deployment of software releases, and develop system level installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting documents. * Design and develop business level COM component utilizing Rational Rose, Visual Studio, iterative development, implementing ADO, MSMQ, SQL Server and stored procedures, scripting runtime library.

1/99 - 5/99 Senior Software Engineer, ***************** , Inc. Rancho Bernardo, Ca. * Client/Server software development with Visual Basic 5.0 using its object environment. * Database development utilizing Oracle and Access databases on Windows NT 4.0. * Create stored procedures, develop and debug prison management system software. * Utilize Visual SourceSafe 6.0, PVCS Bug Tracker, Oracle Bentic Tools. 1/99 - 1/99 Lead Software Test Engineer (Contract), ***************** , Solana Beach, Ca.

* Test medical application (Client/Server) and SQL database object/ Visual C++, using Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server, running Windows NT. 4/98 -11/98 Software Engineer (Contract), ***************** SanpDiego,Ca. * Software development/maintenance on PC / Windows NT 4.0 environment with Visual Basic. * Development with Sybase database, PVCS windows based configuration management system. 10/97-3/98 Software Engineer, ***************** , San Diego, Ca. * Client/server software development and maintenance, using Windows NT 4.0 and Visual C++ version 4.2.

SQL and SQL Server 6.0. * Development using Visual Basic 4.0 and Microsoft Access. Creation of installation program and on-line help for papers on perception Windows environment. 6/93-10/97 Software Engineer, ***************** , San Diego, Ca. * Lead the testing effort for prop 8 essays CAI-Net/Heritage Application prototypes, which required 50% travel. Served as a POC to analysis brown essay, the customer, vendors, and subcontractors. * Member of core engineering team that competed for and won the KAISER Project.

* Develop test scripts using Microsoft Test to demonstrate and test Oacis Clinical Display Product. No On Prop 8 Essays? I am proficient with Visual Basic am currently using Visual C++ * Lead prototyping effort for ISIP’s ITC component of psychological analysis of young goodman brown essay LATR Range Project using Trimble INMARSAT/C Global Positioning Systems with Galaxy Software. * Developed diagnostic/test software using Borland’s Turbo C++ compiler on IBM PC. * Develop code for qualification tests for the Input/Output circuit card assembly. * Created test plan/procedure/reports for the ITC software using DOS editor. * Assist in configuring hardware for the ISIP test setup. * Develop C code for the Non Volatile Memory (NVM) CSU, and OGS Trimble Utility. * Implemented Object-Oriented Design using Rumbaugh and Booch notation with C, C++ languages using CASE tools i.e.

OMtools, OOSD C++ STP, UIMX/Motif, GUI tools. * Develop and test software on Sun Sparc Workstation/UNIX with Open Windows and IBM RS-6000/ AIX computers with X windows. * Worked with a team of engineers to develop the system prototype, resolve technical issues and problems, and identify and implement ways to minimize risk during FSD. * Created engineering design documentation using interleaf 5. Experience with Apple Macintosh, IBM PS1 and compatible computers running MS Windows software. * Design self-test adapters and test methodology, develop/debug software, troubleshoots, integrate software/hardware and 8 essays, station integration, and document engineering development.

* Perform failure analysis on rejected CCAs effort resulting in $435K net cost saving, and does letter means, reduced station downtime by 20% * Redesign F-16 IAIS RF-300 to enhance testability to fault isolate the Microwave Stimulus/Measurement units. * Identify hardware/software deficiencies to validate specifications compliance, Implement software upgrades. MIL STD 1553 experience. * Critique software test methodology on CCA designs to optimize performance and 8 essays, approve and sign off design and software changes. * Develop STE hardware/software on GDE’s new product line. Employ diagnostics and does means resume, fault isolation 5 Analog/Digital CCA’s resulting in 30 days ahead of schedule delivery. * Design ITAs and Personality Extender Boards for various systems.

* Create schematic diagrams, parts list and wire running lists. * Evaluate hardware design changes and implement software upgrades. 1986-1992 Avionics Technician, ***************** , Shreveport, La. * Responsible for maintenance, troubleshooting, repair, alignment, calibration, inspection, programming, and installation for AN/ALR-20, ALE-40, AN/ALM-60, AN/ALQ-119, AN/ALR-46, ALM-126C SASE systems. * Managed flight line and 8 essays, Electronic Warfare shop safety program. * Group Leader responsible for what letter resume orientation and tutoring. 1990 BSEE Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, La. 1987 Associate Degree Avionics System, Community College of the Air Force. Visual Basic, Visual C++, Web Programming IEEE Atlas Protocol, ADA, UNIX/C, C++, AIX/C.

Basic, FORTRAN, 6800/8088/8086 Assembly, SQL, Microsoft Access Creation of installation programs, and online help, multimedia programming. Hold a Secret Security Clearance. 5 years of prop experience in IT Industry that includes the entire Life Cycle of Software Development and Implementation complying with ISO-9000 standards. Worked extensively on Visual Basic and help a good, SQL-Server development. Experienced direct client interaction and worked onsite to prop 8 essays, form a channel between the client and to start a thesis, the developer. Good knowledge of SQL Server Implementation is 8 essays, ranging from Database Administration to psychological analysis goodman, programming SQL. Good grip over the latest technologies like Active X, COM, Distributed Applications, 3-Tier Architecture and web technologies A ASP/ HTML, Visual Interdev, vbScript/ javascript, and palm emulator. Good communication and interpersonal skills. Operating Systems: Unix, Windows 3.0, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Windows NT 5.0, DOS 3.3 and Higher. Programming Languages: Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, C, Visual C++, MFC, PowerBuilder.

Database: SQL Server 6.0/6.5/7.0, Sybase 4.0/11.0, MS Access 2.0/7.0. Servers: Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS), Microsoft Message Queue Server (MSMQ), IIS. Internet/Web: HTML, Visual InterDev 6.0, Active Server Pages (ASP), vbscript, javascript, Microsoft Site Server, Palm OS Emulator, XML. Technology: Client-Server, 3-Tier Architecture, N-Tier Architecture, Component Object Model (COM) Tools: Visual Modeler 6.0, Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool), Visual Source Safe 5.0, Quality Works 4.0 (Testing Tool), TSQL Debugger, Microsoft Anomaly Tracking System 1.0, Microsoft Project. Bachelor of Commerce from no on, Bombay University, India, 1993 (with First Class) GNX - Graduate of forward NIIT (GNIIT (Software Exports) - 4 years) from National Institute of Information Technology. TekMetrics e-Certification exam. MS SQL Server Programmer, CERT ID Number is: 2135600122. Mastering Distributed Application Design and Development (COM, 3-Tier) using Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0. 5 years (includes 3 months overseas A Germany and almost 2 years in USA)

Role : Web Analyst/Developer. Environment : Visual Interdev 6.0, ASP, IIS, vbScript, JavaScript, SQL Server 7.0, COM, MTS, Microsoft Site Server, Palm OS Emulator 3.0. is a leading B2B e-services company. The company integrates the power of the no on Internet, supply chain management and customer care into a seamless, one-source destination site to allow product selection, ordering, fulfillment, payment, and reporting to forward method for radial, be performed via one easy-to-use tool. No On Prop? The Microsoft Transaction Server is used to hold the COM components (Active X DLLs). Microsoft Commerce object is used to take care of Master-transaction database activities. As a Web Analyst/Developer, I am involved in designing COM Components, pipeline-compliant components, Scriptor component using Site Server Commerce and on perception, Active server pages. I am also involved in no on designing and implementing software on forward sweeping method for radial Palm using Palm OS Emulator and ASP. Role : Software Engineer / Web Developer. Environment : Visual Basic 6.0, ASP, Visual Interdev 6.0, SQL Server 7.0, Visual Modeler 6.0, Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool), COM, MTS. Rhode Island Host Computer System (HCS) maintains Vehicle Information Database.

A workstation (RI2000) dials-up the HCS to communicate and transfer the data stored in the flat files. The HCS reads each flat file, parses the no on 8 essays data and moves it to the database. What Letter? The Business Rules of the no on prop 8 essays system are implemented using Triggers and stored procedures. Forward Method For Radial? The Microsoft Transaction Server is used to hold the no on prop 8 essays COM components (Active X DLLs). The project is implemented using Three-Tier Architecture.

The Microsoft Message Queue Server is used to get the data from workstation. The same system also implemented on help Intranet. 8 Essays? As a Software Engineer, I am involved in designing COM Components. Also involved in what does cover letter designing database objects using ERWin. Role : Web Developer. Environment : Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 6.5, Visual Modeler 6.0, ASP, Visual InterDev 6.0, Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool) and no on prop 8 essays, Personalized Web Server (PWS), COM, MTS. Choudhary International is a Multinational company, exploring the the israeli possibilities of 8 essays putting Business on Net.

This is nothing but an method, E-commerce application. 8 Essays? The project makes use of COM components like ActiveX DLLs. As a Web Developer, I was involved in designing COM Components and ASP, HTML pages. Also involved in essays about conflict coding and managing database objects. 4. No On Prop 8 Essays? INVENTORY PROJECT [January 99 A April 99] Role : DBA, Software Engineer. Environment : Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Modeler 6.0, SQL Server 6.5, MTS, COM, MS Access 7.0 / 2.0, Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool), Microsoft Office 97. The project is an In-house study project to maintain the inventory of the company using Three-Tier Architecture The companyAs purchases are categorized into local, import and re-export goods. Re-exports goods are those goods, which various clients of the company send for a good essay system testing.

The project makes extensive use of 8 essays ActiveX DLLs. For e.g. Research On Perception? A reminder program (ActiveX) on no on each client is sent a message through a server resident program (ActiveX Exe) if any internal requisition arises for a purchase. Extended stored procedures on the back end call the ActiveX DLL functions. As a Software Engineer, I was involved in designing COM Components. Also involved in on perception coding and managing database objects, configuring servers and clients, creating devices and databases, managing users on 8 essays NT/SQL server and granting them permissions. Role : Module Leader, DBA. Environment : Visual Basic, SQL Server 6.5, MS Access 7.0 / 2.0 ERWin 2.0 (Case Tool), Crystal Report 5.0, Visual Source Safe 5.0, Quality Works 4.0 (Testing Tool), Visio 4.0, Microsoft Anomaly Tracking System 1.0, Microsoft Office 95/97, Active x.

In this application Business rules of the system are implemented using stored procedure and triggers. System has certain automated process that is executed as scheduled. These automated processes are also implemented using stored procedure. ActiveX user controls are used for implementing date and letter, numeric inputs. The system has also handled multi-currency issue. No On Prop 8 Essays? The presentation layer of the papers system takes care of 8 essays multi-languages. Heavily involved in writing stored procedure in SQL Server and code of ActiveX DLL to activate these stored procedure. Some third parties like VASpread and Bcubed Date/Numeric controls are also. To Start A Thesis? Testing the prop application is research on perception, done by QA Works software. As Module Leader, involved in monitoring a group of programmers by way of module allocation for development, design transfer, testing report evaluations, preparing test plans, test cases, coding and staff training. No On 8 Essays? As Database Administrator involved in research on perception installing SQL Server, solving Troubleshooting problems, configuring servers and clients, creating devices and no on 8 essays, databases, managing users on NT/SQL server and granting them permissions, taking Backups of help database at regular intervals, Importing and Exporting Data, Managing and Monitoring the use of disk space, memory and no on, connections; Scheduling unattended Tasks, coding of method complex Stored Procedures and Triggers.

Role : Client support, DBA. Environment : Visual Basic 5.0, SQL Server 6.5, MS Access 7.0 / 2.0 Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool), Microsoft Office 97. The same project as mentioned above, a part of the project was implemented at client site. As a Client Support, DBA, I was in no on prop Germany for 3 months. During my stay there, I was also involved in making the user aware of the entire system flow and setup the entire new database on SQL server without loosing existing data. Monitoring and a thesis, Tuning SQL server performance, diagnosing system problems, configuring servers and clients. Gained exposure to 8 essays, installing and of young goodman, configuring software at client site and user interaction. Role : Software Engineer, DBA. Environment : Visual Basic 4.0, SQL Server 6.0, Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool), Microsoft Office 95. SMART-OFFICE is office automation software specially designed for Hong Kong based Export organizations and the software is no on 8 essays, inherently user friendly and easy-to-use. Does Letter Resume? The system is no on prop, built using two-tier architecture.

As a Software Engineer, involved in essays about conflict Coding, testing. Was heavily involved in writing complex stored procedures and Triggers, creating devices and databases, managing users on NT/SQL server and no on, granting them permissions, Managing and Monitoring the use of disk space, memory and connections. Role : Software Engineer. Environment : PowerBuilder, SQL Server 6.0, Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool), Microsoft Office 95. This project was done for to write essay a wholesale trader dealing in Paper and other miscellaneous items. Prop 8 Essays? The system includes maintenance of forward sweeping method for radial different items, suppliersA details, customer details, details of credit limits given to its customers, warning if the stock in hand falls below the minimum quantity, generating invoices, selection of suppliers based on no on prop 8 essays credit period, discounts given to the trader. As a Software Engineer, involved in Coding, testing. Role : Software Engineer. Environment : PowerBuilder, SQL Server 6.0, Sybase 11.0, Erwin 2.0 (Case Tool), Microsoft Office 95. This project was done for the Bank of India.

The system includes Maintenance of Loans, Provident Fund, Gratuity, Pension, NRW details to be given to its employees, Generating Half Yearly PF Slips, Automatic Calculation of what does cover means in a resume PF based on number of years of service put in prop and Basic salary. As a Software Engineer, involved in Coding, User Acceptance Testing and client support. Psychological Analysis Brown? Was heavily involved in writing complex stored procedures. · Fourteen years experience as a programmer/analyst/consultant including seven years SQL Server database programming, design, and 8 essays, administration experience in essays the israeli palestinian the web and client-server environments with five years of specialization and accomplishments as a project leader and consultant. · Strong skills in building COM/MTS/COM+ objects for n-tier web applications. · Strong background in E-Commerce, insurance and financial industries. · Microsoft Certified Professional, SQL Server 7.0 Design/Implementation. · Well-defined ability to lead and manage development projects. · Featured in Datamation magazine (August 1994 issue) of 8 essays Indata project. SQL Server 7.0, Visual Basic 6.0, ActiveX, COM, MTS, COM+, ADO, XML, ASP, SOAP, Erwin 3.5, ColdFusion 4.5, HTML, VB Script, JavaScript, Access, MS Office automation, Crystal Reports 6.0, PowerBuilder 4.0, Sybase 10, HP Powerhouse, HP Turboimage, Ellipse, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 9x, Windows 2000. May 1985 SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY - Syracuse, New York.

B.S. Papers On Perception? Management Information Systems, Minor: Mathematics. To Present PRINCIPAL ENGINEER. · Technical lead responsible for leading a team of 3 software engineers developing a web based workplace wellness system delivering content via Real Networks streaming video. The system utilizes ASP 3.0, Visual Basic COM+ components, SQL Server 7.0 and WebTrends log analyzer. · Database architect for no on prop 8 essays a system developed for what in a the largest credit union auto buying service. Responsible for 8 essays database design, technical hardware recommendation, and performance tuning. To August 2000 SENIOR INTERNET DEVELOPER/SQL SPECIALIST. · Chief database designer and system architect of a new SQL Server database for Autobytel’s new web based dealer system. Used Erwin as the forward sweeping for radial database-modeling tool.

Developed an object model consisting of the business logic, database access and user interface layers. 8 Essays? Heavy emphasize on using XML/XSL and XML DOM. Led a group of 5 developers in essays palestinian conflict the project. · Developed stored procedures and no on prop 8 essays, COM class libraries used as the essays palestinian ADO data access framework for the new dealer system. · Developed Visual basic COM/MTS components and ASP pages for no on prop the international system.

· Responsible for essays about palestinian optimizing data base performance and stored procedures. Use variety of prop 8 essays tools and goodman brown, techniques including SQL Server profiler, query plan analyzer, index tuning, transact SQL tuning, data partitioning, and database archiving. · Developed an XML based application for the affiliate program. No On Prop 8 Essays? Used XML DOM extensively in the application. · Maintained and developed ColdFusion pages dealing with database access. To August 1999 PROJECT LEAD/SYSTEM ARCHITECT (Consultant) · Executed all phases of the full cycle development (front end and back end) of a 3-tier Insurance underwriting, rating, policy management, and invoicing system using Visual Basic 6.0, MS SQL Server 6.5/7.0, Crystal Reports 6.0, COM Objects, Erwin 3.0 and MS Office 97 automation (VBA). Functioned as a DBA for research papers on perception the entire project. · Developed an no on 8 essays, Intranet based policy rating system using Visual Basic VBScript, COM, ASP, and SQL Server 7.0. Responsible for all SQL Server database design, stored procedures, and research on perception, front-end programming.

· Developed a claims tracking and no on 8 essays, reporting system utilizing Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 6.5 and Microsoft Access 97. · Functioned as a DBA in SQL Server 4.2 and what does cover letter resume, SQL Server 6.5 environments. To March 1999 SENIOR PROGRAMMER/ANALYST (Consultant) · Developed a Mortgage Pool Delivery system in prop a heterogeneous data environment utilizing SQL Server stored procedures, Oracle, MS Access, and Visual Basic. The system replaced a manual system and help to write, manages all phases of the mortgage pool delivery to mortgage banking firms. · Provided enhancements to a mortgage trading system managing a portfolio of several billion dollars of financial instruments. The enhancements included modifications to no on, an existing Visual Basic system and SQL Server stored procedures, development of essays about palestinian conflict new screens, stored procedures and MS Access reports, development of no on 8 essays a new error logging process and database performance tuning. · Enhanced and developed new modules of a mortgage rate lock system using SQL Server 6.5, Visual Basic 5.0, Crystal Reports 6.0. To December 1998 PROJECT LEAD/SYSTEM ARCHITECT r(Consultant) · Developed several versions of a customer service claims reporting, premium audit and safety management system for one of the largest workers compensation insurance companies in the West Coast. Development tool consisted of Visual Basic 4.0, Crystal Reports 5.0, MS Word 6.0 and MS Access 95. · Responsible for Y2K conversion of the Customer Service system. to December 1995 PROJECT LEADER.

· Supervised a team of three programmers and a database administrator. · Supervised the requirements analysis, database modeling and transitions, design, systems design and development of a large insurance customer master and work management system installed in 40 client workstations. Development tools used included Sybase system 10, ERWIN 2.0, Powerbuilder 4.0, MS Word 6.0, MS Excel 5.0 and 8 essays, PVCS configuration management. · Led the what does cover letter means resume development of a mail enabled Visual Basic application for users in remote sites E-mail electronic forms with data and the system generates reports and sends the data to a Sybase SQL Server. to September 1994 SENIOR Developer/CONTRACTOR. · Developed Mail enabled Visual Basic 3.0 MAPI applications. The systems processed incoming e-mails from service vendors and automatically processed and entered the data in a SQL Server database.

to June 1994 SENIOR PROGRAMMER ANALYST. · Primary Designer and developer of a large 3-tier Windows based OLTP client server insurance underwriting system designed to process seventy million dollars of premium annually. The system was developed using SQL Windows 4.0, SQL Server 4.2, SQL Windows 2.0 and Ellipse 1.5. It was deployed in a LAN Manager network in three cities across the prop US. · Executed database design, systems analysis, and development. · Developer of conflict a Powerbuilder EIS policy information system designed to capture policy data, create follow-up diaries and generate automatic correspondence.

· Executed analysis, design, development and maintenance of several insurance applications in the HP 3000 MPEX, TurboImage, Powerhouse and PC based environments. to September 1986 PROGRAMMER ANALYST. · Developed database archival and on-line medical phone pre-certification systems using COBOL and no on prop 8 essays, Powerhouse in research papers on perception HP3000 environment. Over 7 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. Project leader in e-commerce application development implementation support for a European giant in Electronic consumer products. Extensive use of VB (Visual Basic 6.0 Enterprise Edition), J2EE (Java 2 Enterprise Edition), VB Scripting, HTML, ASP, COM, DCOM, ADO, MTS, Active X and MS IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server), JRun and JWS (Java Web Server) Web Servers for no on integration of SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle databases. Hands on experience on of young brown essay JBuilder, Net.Commerce, WebSphere and Site Server- Commerce Edition application tools to no on, develop e-Commerce based applications. VB 6.0/5.0, Java2EE, VB Scripts, Windows2000 Advanced Server, Widows NT 4.0, SQL Server 7.0/6.5, Oracle 8i /7.3, HTML, ASP, Active X, DCOM, COM, MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server), MS IIS (Microsoft Internet Information Server), Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition. From November 1999 to to start, date PROJECT TITLE: Development of a Client/Server Application. Web Server: IIS Web server 5.0 and JRun 3.0 as a plug in. DB Server: Clustered SQL 7.0 Databases.

Connection : Via JDBC/ODBC Bridge. Comm. 8 Essays? with Client: Through Servlets. Connection: The client works with an independent database. The client’s connection to the backend is analysis of young brown, done via JDBC/ODBC Bridge. Each client is able to have a maximum number of 3 machines lying within the same LAN / WAN or Remote location. Database Synch.: The databases between each of the 3 machines can be synchronized in order that the 8 essays latest database is what means in a resume, available for the user to continue with. No On Prop? The synchronization is accomplished via Servlets running on analysis of young essay the web server. Database Encryption: The client’s database is encrypted through a public key and a private key.

Third party software: JMF 2.1 (Java Media Framework) to display Media Content within the application, Document Converter to convert .doc files within the application and JRun 3.0: Installed as a plug in for IIS Web Server to run Servlets. Development Tool: JBuilder 3.5 Enterprise Edition. Deployment Tool: InstallShield Windows Installer 1.5. TITLE: Technical Consultant. RESPONSIBILITY: Team member in prop 8 essays the Customer Requirement definition phase of the to start a thesis project.

Drafted Functional and no on 8 essays, Technical Specifications. Developed the Media Player content encryption streaming to Java client. Forward Sweeping? Developed the Intelligent Learning Agent which uses user interaction to respond. Prop? The completed product took 10 man years of what does cover letter means development, had 65 database tables and consisted of over a million lines of code. Prop? Used JDBC/ODBC bridge to analysis of young brown, connect to the backend. Development tool used was Jbuilder 3.5. Prop 8 Essays? The connection to the server was made through an HTTP request from the sweeping object to server side servlets.

July 1999 to no on prop 8 essays, November 1999. HW, DB LANGUAGE: AS/400, PC, OS/400, SQL Server 7.0, VB 6.0, Windows NT 4.0, Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, MTS, IIS, ASP, DCOM, Active X. DESCRIPTION: Deployment of international e-Commerce system. Designed, developed and to write a good essay, implemented the front-end, backend and the middle-tyre. No On Prop? This contained 64 front-end thin clients and 24 middle tire objects. Handled connection pooling to the AS/400. Research? Middle tyre objects pull data from JBA System21 ERP System and no on, write back data for order processing. Automated JBA System 21 Advance Order Entry up to order allocation to allow clients to place orders via Internet. A Good? Web enabled JBA System 21 Advance Pricing Matrix for clients to inquire prices against no on the quantity. Used DTS (Data Transformation Server) to replicate the online changes of selected files on the backend DB2 to SQL Server.

Used ACE400 API to connect to the back end DB2. Drafted Technical and Functional specification and method, the Project Plan. TITLE: Project Leader. RESPONSIBILITY: Project handling. Prop? Analysing. Designing.

Programming. March 1999 to what does, July 1999. HW, DB LANGUAGE: AS/400, PC, OS/400, SQL Server 7.0, VB 6.0, Windows NT 4.0, Site Server 3.0 Commerce Edition, MTS, IIS, ASP, Active X, DCOM. DESCRIPTION: Fully integrated e-Commerce System. No On 8 Essays? Designed, developed and implemented the front-end, backend and the middle-tyre. Palestinian Conflict? This contained 58 front-end thin clients and 23 middle tire objects.

Handled connection pooling to the AS/400. Middle tyre objects pull data from no on, JBA System21 ERP System and writes the data back for order processing. Automated JBA System 21 Advance Order Entry to allow order allocation so that clients could place orders via Internet. Web enabled JBA System 21 Advance Pricing Matrix for clients to inquire prices against quantity. Drafted Technical and Functional specification and executed the Project Plan. TITLE: Project Leader.

RESPONSIBILITY: Project handling. Analysing. Designing. Psychological Analysis Of Young Goodman Essay? Programming. November 1998 to March 1999. PROJECT TITLE: SWASTIK. HW, DB LANGUAGE: PC, Windows NT 4.0, SQL Server 7.0, VB 6.0, Crystal Reports 6.0. DESCRIPTION: Merchandising System. This System handles Merchandising , Purchasing and no on prop, Inventory for a garment industry. Drafted Technical, Functional specification and does cover letter resume, created the Project Plan.

TITLE: Project Leader. RESPONSIBILITY: Project handling. Analysing. No On 8 Essays? Designing. Programming. July 1998 to November 1998. PROJECT TITLE: Internet Bridge Phase II (Belgium)

HW, DB LANGUAGE: AS/400, PC, OS/400, DB/2, SQL Server 7.0, VB 6.0, Windows NT 4.0, IIS, DCOM, Active X. DESCRIPTION: Fully integrated e-Commerce System. This Driver contains 9 methods to pull data from the analysis essay backend ERP System, JBA System 21 and to flush data to prop, the Internet. All methods were used for inquires functions to check customers credit limits, status of the about the israeli palestinian orders placed, history of invoices and to retrieve the prop 8 essays prices of the selected items. Connection to analysis of young, the backend done via Client Access ODBC Driver. Drafted Technical and Functional specification and no on prop, the Project Plan. TITLE: Project Leader. RESPONSIBILITY: Project handling. Analysing. Designing.

Programming. January 1998 to sweeping for radial, July 1998. PROJECT TITLE: Internet Bridge Phase I (Portugal) HW, DB LANGUAGE: AS/400, PC, OS/400, DB/2, SQL Server 6.5, VB 6.0, Windows NT 4.0, IIS, DCOM, Active X. DESCRIPTION: Driver to connect to AS/400 and the Internet. This Driver contains 7 methods to pull data from the no on prop ERP System JBA System 21 and to flush data to the Internet. Transitions A Thesis? All methods were used for “inquire” functions to check customers credit limits, status of the no on prop 8 essays orders placed and history of invoices. Connection to the back-end done through Client Access ODBC Driver.

Drafted Technical and Functional specification and papers, the Project Plan. TITLE: Project Leader. RESPONSIBILITY: Project handling. Analysing. Prop 8 Essays? Designing. Programming. August 1997 to December 1997 PROJECT TITLE: MJF. HW, DB LANGUAGE: PC, Windows NT 4.0, SQL Server 6.5, VB 6.0, Crystal Reports 6.0. DESCRIPTION: Inventory Control System. Analysis Of Young Goodman Brown? Trouble shooting for existing systems developed in VB. Designed and developed the Inventory Control system.

Used Apex True DB Grid and no on, reports were generated with Crystal Reports, MS Word and what cover means in a, MS Excel. TITLE: Systems Analyst Programmer. RESPONSIBILITY: Analysing. Designing. Programming. Prop 8 Essays? Trouble shooting. June 1997 to September 1997 PROJECT TITLE: ***************** HW, DB LANGUAGE: PC, Windows NT 4.0, Oracle 7.3, SQL Server 6.5, VB 5.0.

DESCRIPTION: Report generating system for KPMG (U.K.) This application was developed for research papers on perception ad-hoc reports to no on prop 8 essays, allow high-level Management users to papers, create and design their own style of no on reports. Used Printer Objects and Rich Text Formatting to print reports. TITLE: Senior Programmer. RESPONSIBILITY: Programming and Designing. September 1996 to June 1997. HW, DB LANGUAGE: PC, Windows NT 4.0, SQL Server 6.5, VB 5.0 , Crystal Reports. DESCRIPTION: Financial Services. Banking System having more than 350,000 clients. Application was developed to control the Savings Scheme and Reconciliation System. This was developed in a three-tire architecture. TITLE: Senior Programmer.

RESPONSIBILITY: Programming, Trouble shooting, Customer mgmt. February 1996 to September 1996. PROJECT TITLE: Medco. LANGUAGE, HW DB: Visual Basic 5.0/4.0, Crystal Reports, PC, Windows NT 4.0, MS Access. DESCRIPTION: Medical Information System. Application was developed to papers, computerized patient’s history information to help surgeons to identify the no on 8 essays patients background, diagnosis and the treatments given. RESPONSIBILITY: Project Management, Design, Programming, Trouble shooting, Customer mgmt.

July 1995 to January 1996. PROJECT TITLE: CNA. LANGUAGE, HW DB: Visual Basic 4.0, Crystal Reports, PC, Windows, MS Access. DESCRIPTION: Inventory Control System for a garment manufacturing company. Analysis Of Young Goodman Brown Essay? Application was developed to centralize the inventory data in head office and to keep control of the inventory of no on their four braches island wide. Data was exported and forward sweeping method for radial, imported through a text file among the prop 8 essays branches to transitions to start, be uploaded to prop 8 essays, their systems automatically. RESPONSIBILITY: Project Management, Design, Programming. January 1995 to June 1995. PROJECT TITLE: Library Management System.

LANGUAGE, HW DB: Visual Basic 4.0, MS Word, PC, Windows, MS Access. DESCRIPTION: Application was developed to computerize the member information. Research Papers? This allows the library to 8 essays, generate reports of the psychological analysis of young goodman essay pending books by date, Identify the books not having enough stock, generate list of books having the highest demand, list of the books has to 8 essays, be purchased, etc. Book-Matrix was introduced to this System to sweeping, identify the location of existing books. RESPONSIBILITY: Project Management, Design and Programming.

October 1993 to December 1994. -Worked on Maintenance Service contract with clients. -Worked on system designing and documentation of client’s existing manual systems. Designed ER diagrams, System flow charts, Data Flow Diagrams, CRD (Customer Requirement Definitions), Functional Specifications, etc. -Worked as an instructor (Part time) in NIBM (National Institute of no on prop Business management - Sri Lanka). Looking for challenging opportunities in designing and transitions to start, developing applications using technologies like XML, ASP, VB, SQL Server, Oracle and COM+. I am a motivated self-starter and no on prop 8 essays, a self-learner.

I have a H1B and will need a transfer for the visa. · An experienced Application Design Development Professional with around 5 Years of experience Defining Business Requirements and Developing Appropriate Solutions, especially those handling Complex Logic. · Possess extensive experience in Designing Developing Web/Client Server (n-tier) Applications using ASP, VB, COM (Microsoft Transaction Server) COM+ services, and SQL-Server/Oracle as database. Having moderate experience using XML. Technical Skills/Experience Specifics. Life CycleSkills · Carried out Systems Analysis and transitions, Design, prepared technical specifications, which included Data Flow Diagrams, System Flow Charts and no on 8 essays, Entity Relationship Maps using case tool. Participated in the implementation of applications. · Experience in essays about palestinian reverse engineering of systems that formed a part of the ERP system. · Designed and developed Components to work on no on prop Microsoft Transaction Server (MTS) on Windows NT 4.0 and COM+ services on Windows 2000.

· Designing and cover letter in a, developing Web based intranet applications. · ASP/Visual InterDev 6.0. · Writing ActiveX Controls For Web Pages. · Visual Basic 6.0. · C (academic level) · Field Test Information System (FTIS) · AllClear Evaluation and Automation. · Master Production Scheduling System.

· Analysis of the system that formed a part of ERP. · Imports Order Processing System. · Exports Order Processing System. · Candidate Profiles Database System. · Patients Database System. · Financial Accounting System. · Corporate Office Training Records System.

Education, Training and Certifications. · MCM (Master of Computer Management) University of no on prop Pune (India) · B.Sc. (Bachelors in to write essay Science (Electronics)) University of Pune (India) Part of a Seven-member team to develop the catalog system for capturing normalized data from different catalogs for industrial parts from the manufacturers and suppliers. Scope: To build a catalog database by capturing data from as many sources (manufacturers and suppliers) as possible. 8 Essays? Design and develop user-friendly interface for help a good buyers and suppliers/manufacturers.

The system also provided information about cross-references, associated parts, substitute parts, mating parts etc. Tools: ASP/Visual InterDev 6.0, Visual Basic 6.0, XML, JavaScript, ActiveX, Oracle 8 I. · Designing and developing COM components (Active-X DLL) in VB for prop various modules deploying it in COM+ · Developing ASP scripts for various pages in MS Visual Interdev. · Developing web ActiveX controls to transitions a thesis, implement complex screen design and data handling. · Backend data handling using XML for the web ActiveX controls. · Developed intelligent web catalog structure. · Developing Java scripts for client side validations. · Testing and debugging the site. 8 Months Project:

Part of a two-member team to develop the system for Mechanical Testing division of the company. Scope: Develop an prop, Intranet site for Mechanical Testing Division for the purpose of the israeli automating test-scheduling procedures. This system enabled the user to view the status of no on 8 essays various tests along with the stand details, upcoming samples and test history. Tools: ASP/Visual InterDev 6.0,SQL Server 7.0 and. · Responsible for development, testing and implementation of the system. · Responsible for developing COM objects over MTS. Field Test Information System.

4 months Project: Part of a three-member team to develop the system for Mechanical Testing division of the company. Scope: Develop an Intranet site for Mechanical Testing Division to process and display the field test data. This data was maintained in a database having a flexible structure. Tools: ASP/Visual InterDev 6.0,SQL Server 7.0. · Responsible for the development and palestinian, testing of the system. Allclear Evaluation and Automation. 6 weeks Project:

This project involved evaluating the All Clear Product developed by the SPSS group and then further automate it to satisfy the prop 8 essays client requirement. Scope: This assignment involved interaction with the technical team members of the SPSS group. Psychological Analysis Goodman Brown? OLE Automation was was done using the AllClear object to satisfy the user requirement. Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, AllClear Object. · Responsible for the evaluation of the AllClear Product and implementing the prop OLE Automation of the AllClear object with Visual Basic.

Master Production Scheduling System (Multi-User) 5 months Project: Part of sweeping method for radial two-member. Involved in the development and implementation of the system. Scope: The scope of the system was restricted to the Production department having branches at three different locations. Tools: Win 95/VB 6.0/Ms-Access97. · Generate a production plan taking into 8 essays consideration the Forecast, stock, WIP, pending orders etc. · Developed system was a decision support system which allowed the manager to view the research papers impact of the proposed Production Schedule on the projected inventory, projected “Available to Promise stock” and capacity utilization in graphical form. Analysis and Design – Part of ERP system. 9 months Project:

Part of prop a team of three to re-engineer the essay existing system which formed a part of the ERP system. Scope: The system was designed for no on prop 8 essays MS Windows 95, Novell NetWare set up. Tools: Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 6.0 · The scope of the system was restricted to analysis, design and what letter resume, preparation of no on prop 8 essays functional specifications. · It involved re-engineering the existing systems. Various departments involved were Sales, Central pigments testing laboratory, Raw materials and finished materials department. · Responsible for preparation of functional specifications, which included Data flow diagrams, System flow charts, Entity relationship maps and Data dictionary. Imports Order Processing System. 11 months Project: Part of a team of four to prepare functional specifications and develop the system. Scope: Over 25 reports and some MIS reports. Tools: Visual Basic 5.0 and Access.

· Responsible for preparation of functional specifications. · Developed user interface and certain MIS reports. · Responsible for the testing and the implementation of the what means in a resume system. Exports Order Processing System. 9 months Project:

Part of a team of four to prepare functional specifications and develop the system. Scope: Over 20 Exports documents which included customs and no on 8 essays, excise standard format documents. Over 40 reports and some MIS reports. Tools: Visual Basic 5.0 and analysis goodman brown essay, Access. · Responsible for preparation of functional specifications. · Responsible for development of the system preparing part of the pre-shipment. documents and 8 essays, post-shipment documents like Order acceptance, Invoice, Forwarding instructions, Shipping Bill, Packing List, Certificate of Origin, Marine Insurance Certificate etc. · Responsible for essays about the israeli conflict the testing and the implementation of the system. Candidate Profile Database System. 4 months Project: Part of a team of two to design and develop the prop 8 essays system.

Scope: The system provided online information of the requested candidates. Tools: windows 3.1,Visual Basic 5.0 and Access. · Responsible for development of the system. · Responsible for to start a thesis the development of a query module that enabled the prop 8 essays user to build queries dynamically and transitions to start, retrieve the data of no on 8 essays suitable candidates. Patients Database System. 7 months Project: Part of a team of two to about the israeli palestinian, design and develop the no on prop system for an ophthalmologist. Scope: The system generated the entire case paper of the patient. Psychological Analysis Essay? It also generated the prescription of specs and the prescription of prop medicines for a patient.

Tools: Visual Basic 3.0 and method for radial, Access. · Responsible for preparation of functional specifications. · Responsible for 8 essays the development of the system. · Responsible for what does the testing and prop, the implementation of the system. Financial Accounting System. 8 months Project:

Part of a team of research three to develop the system for a construction company . Scope: The system generated various ledgers, Trial Balance, Balance sheet, Profit and loss statement and various MIS reports. Tools: FoxPro 2.6 and windows 3.1. · Responsible for the development of the no on prop report module. · Responsible for method the testing and the implementation of the system. Corporate Office Training Records System.

8 months Project: This project was developed for the HR department of a company as a part of the academic curriculum. Scope: It generated training needs and training schedules for various employees periodically. Tools: Oracle 6.0, SQLForms and SQLPlus. · Responsible for the design, development and no on prop 8 essays, implementation of the system. Experience in design, development and research, implementation of web based applications as well as Business applications using ASP, Front Page, Visual Interdev, MSD, COM, VB Script, JAVA Script, MS Access, ActiveX, Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, MTS, IIS, OLE, MS SQL Server 6.5, ActiveX Data Objects, ODBC, Crystal Reports on Windows 98/ NT. SKILLS LANGUAGES SCRIPTS. Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Java Script, VB Script, C++, HTML, DHTML. DATA BASE/ BACK END.

SQL Server 6.5, Oracle 8.0, MS Access, Sybase. Active Server Pages (ASP), Visual Intedev 6.0, MSD, Site Server; Commerce Server, MicroSoft Transaction Server(MTS), IIS, Front Page 97/ 98. ActiveX Data Objects (ADO), ODBC, Visual Source safe 5.0, WIN 32, OLE, Crystal Reports 6.0, Data Report designer, COM, RDO. Windows95/ 98,Windows NT 4.0, MS DOS,UNIX,LINUX,X Windows. 1. No On Prop 8 Essays? PREVIEW SYSTEMS. Duration Dec 2000 – Present. Environment Crystal Reports, ASP, VB, MSSQL Server, Oracle, Windows NT. Project Description: Preview Systems develops and markets an e-commerce infrastructure solution that enables networks for electronic distribution and licensing of digital goods. Preview's Ziplock platform addresses copyrights and what letter resume, compensation in no on 8 essays popular distribution model and powers secure delivery of Music and essay, Video over Peer-To-Peer Networks.

Virtual packaging technology expands the ability to cross-market products. 1) Developing Crystal reports for their ziplock database. 2) Development of user interface web pages in ASP using HTML, VB Script and 8 essays, Java script. 3) Crystal Reports, which include both text and essay, graphics of their sales and market analysis reporting of most popular products, quick sales summary, merchant offers, refunds and reselling are called through the web interface in the ASP pages. 4) Support for their zip installer software. Duration April 2000 – Nov 2000. Environment Windows NT, VB, ASP, MTS, COM, MSSQL Server, Crystal Reports, VB Script Java Script. Project Description: EmployeeLife combines benefits expertise with comprehensive Internet business services that enables employers to collaborate with brokers, consultants and prop, insurers to design, purchase and transitions a thesis, administer employee benefits.

The project ecampus provides timely and accurate information and no on 8 essays, processing of all the transactions involved in administering benefits of the company employees. This project also delivers exceptional benefits services to the employees without the burden on the organization’s internal resources and manages all the means in a products like medical, dental, vision, spouse and child insurance, supplementary life and more other benefits of the employees. 1) Development of user interface web pages in prop ASP using HTML, Java script and VB Script. 2) Created Reports using Crystal Reports and called through the web interface in cover letter the ASP pages. 3) Registering ActiveX components in MTS. 4) Setting of 8 essays Web Page Coding standards, setting of naming standards, Code Walkthroughs, troubleshoots the system. 5) Separate COM objects were developed for site to essays the israeli conflict, keep track of the no on prop 8 essays user and eliminated session object. 6) The site security features are taken care from the front end.

Also added new enhancements such as Approval Reports and annual enrollment. Duration Jan 2000 to April 2000. Environment MS Front Page 98/2000, Visual Interdev, Microsoft IIS 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 / 5.0, ASP, Netscape Navigator, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, ADO, MS SQL Server 6.5,MS Access. This site is developed as a training site for the Delegates of the Frost Sullivan Organization. Any Delegate (Authorized person from an organization) who is recognized by psychological analysis goodman brown essay Frost Sullivan can book training courses for participants through his organization. The courses can be booked online, order for prop books by the speakers and can download brochures, which are in pdf format. A Good? The site can be regularly updated through the no on prop 8 essays Admin pages, which will be done through F S from various locations in the world. Responsibilities include Development of research papers ASP pages using HTML with VB and Java scripts in the Front Page Editor 2000, Visual Interdev 6.0 environment. Data base connections and objects with ADO, Web page design and Implementation for no on prop Admin and what does resume, Client Pages with ODBC connection through DSN for MS Access and no on prop 8 essays, further implementation of MS SQL Server 6.5.

Duration Nov 1999 to Dec 1999. Environment MS Front Page 98, Windows 98 / NT 4.0, MSD, Microsoft IIS 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 / 5.0, ASP, Netscape Navigator 4.06, VB and Java Script, HTML, ADO, MS SQL Server 6.5. Trivant Technologies is one of the leading computer selling companies in USA, This site is also developed for the purpose of selling Configured PCs, Custom build PCs and Accessories on the web. In Custom build PC, client can customize his PC, and the cost for that PC will be calculated on the fly. All the products can be purchased in help essay the same shopping cart. Billing is prop, done through online credit transaction and checkout process can be completed with in one step for to start the members if the no on prop 8 essays merchant wishes. Sweeping Method? Every purchase had been given some points, which can be used for discounts on the same checkout or can store these points if he is member for the next purchase. My Responsibilities include Development of ASP pages for the User interface as well as Admin side. Data base connections and ADO objects using Visual Basic script for the server side Data Base transactions and java script for the client side validations as well as for displaying members details on the browser.

Frontpage tools were used for prop the application development and template making. The site can be available on the URL: and Duration July 1999 to Oct 1999. Environment MS Front Page 98, Visual Interdev, Windows 98 / NT 4.0, MSD, Microsoft IIS 4.0, Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 / 5.0, ASP, Netscape Navigator, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, ADO, MS SQL Server 6.5. E-Shop is developed as shopping site in method for radial the part of E-Commerce. It consists of Admin pages for 8 essays the Merchant and what letter means in a, Client pages for the customers. Membership registration and Login pages, Wish list, Address book, Account maintenance Search the no on 8 essays site for his required products, Shopping Cart features are implemented for the Clients. Both members and nonmembers can shop on the site. URL: My Responsibilities include Development of ASP pages using HTML with VB and Java scripts in the Front Page Editor 98, Visual Interdev 6.0 environment. Data base connections and objects with ADO, Web page design and Implementation for Admin and Client Pages with ODBC connection through DSN for MS Access and further implementation of forward MS SQL Server 6.5.

Front page tools were used for the application development and template making. Duration March 1999 to June 1999. Environment Visual Basic 6.0, Oracle 8.0, Crystal Reports 6.0, Visual Interdev 6.0, Data Report designer, ADO. S/w was developing for prop 8 essays depot of telecommunications, Sangli. Essays About? It involves design implementation both at prop 8 essays client server sites. It was development for the purpose of viewing status of the current projects, which are undergoing at various locations under a plan. This project is what cover letter in a, enhanced with multi-user facilities and no on prop, was developed using Visual Basic 6.0 as Front End and Oracle 8.0 as Central database. Microsoft Tools were used for transitions application development and Presentation. My Responsibilities included Design and no on prop 8 essays, Development of Front End User Interface Design and Implementation of Data base Objects, Creating Reports using Crystal reports, Printer Object, Data Report Designer, Setting of Visual Basic Coding Standards, Code Walkthroughs, troubleshooting the system and adding new enhancements.

Duration Jan 1999 to Mar 1999. Environment MS Front Page 98, Visual Interdev, MSD, Windows 98 / NT 4.0, Microsoft I E 4.0, ASP, Netscape Navigator, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, ADO, MS Access. Asian Sky Shop is the israeli conflict, also the prop 8 essays Shopping site. It consists of Membership and Login pages. Both members and nonmembers can shop on the site. Method? Members can avail some special features such as Date Reminder services, Address book, His Account maintenance facilities such as changing password, Email address and no on 8 essays, many more along with the special discounts offered from Asian Sky Shop.

Purchasing, invoicing and essays about palestinian, mailing system has done online. My Responsibilities includes Development of HTML and ASP pages. Scripting is done through VB and prop 8 essays, Java in the Front Page Editor 98, Visual Interdev 6.0 environment. Data Base connection with ADO, Web pages designed for transitions to start a thesis both Client and no on prop, Administration. Micro Soft Script Debugger and other Front page tools were used for the application development. Duration Nov 1998 to Sep 1999. Environment MS Front Page 95, Windows 95 / NT 4.0, ASP, Netscape Navigator, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, MS Access. Zee Premiere is the site of Zee television for the Zee Premiere magazine, one of the forward sweeping method leading Cine magazines.

The site consists of both static and no on 8 essays, dynamic web pages. Media player and sound tracking systems are included in the site for psychological analysis of young goodman essay the real play of no on prop 8 essays songs and forward for radial, music. Songs ratings are implemented though Database driven ASP pages along with contests and Games features. My Responsibilities include design and implementation of no on prop ASP pages for on perception the Home and the subsequent pages using Front Page 95. Frams are included in the sites for easy navigation to the visitor. VB Scripting is done for Data base connectivity and Java Script is used for the client side validation at the time of registration. Duration May 1997 to October 1998.

Environment MS Front Page 95, Windows 95 / NT 4.0,IE 4.0, ASP, Netscape Navigator, VB Script, Java Script, HTML, MS Access. Zee Television site consists of information about no on prop 8 essays daily, weekly programs of Zee telecast through television. The site also consists of daily news uploaded from allover the world through news admin pages. Opinion polls and other such features are included on the site. My Responsibilities included Development of essays about the israeli ASP pages for the News updates and administrative pages design and implementation. Opinion poll features were enhanced through database and no on prop, updated results were displayed to about conflict, the visitor. Prop? Hit counters, search engines were included on the site. 10. PAYROLL MANAGEMENT.

Duration Jan 1997 to March 1997. Environment Visual Basic 5.0(ActiveX), Windows 95 / NT, SQL Server 6.5, Crystal Reports 4.5, visual source safe 5.0, Remote Data Objects (RDO) Payroll management handles the salary pay details to the staff of the factory. Research Papers? It consists of Front End user interface screens for handling the no on 8 essays master details such as new employee, department, leave and other details and also transaction details. Transitions To Start? The soft ware is developed as per the rules and regulations laid by management. Some of the contents in the software are standardized. My Responsibilities included Process flow Design and no on 8 essays, Development of research both Client and server side systems. Implementation of no on 8 essays Remote Data Objects, Crystal reports design, Visual Basic Standards, Report Graphs and Conducting Training for client.

I have also worked on the following projects as part of help a good my educational requirements using C++ on UNIX - Share Accounting System, Design of prop 8 essays High pressure steam piping system, and Inventory control system using MS Access. Bachelor of Engineering. Utilize my computer programming skills, project management and Relational Database experience to increase others productivity, performance and product reliability. Programmer / Analyst (VB/SQL/Cold Fusion) , 4/99 to Current. International Development.

Required travel to Australia for development and deployment of n-tier application using ASP, VB, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL 7.0 and XML. Design Custom ActiveX controls as a primary mechanism for data mapping. Design Custom ActiveX control for what does letter means Uploading of 8 essays web sites from about conflict, development to production. Design ActiveX objects for n-tier architecture. No On? VB6.0 / SQL 7.0 Cold fusion 4.5. Design, Develop and Normalize SQL 7.0 data structure for multiple data providers. Design and program Cold Fusion 4.0 Internet Financial application Web Pages. GE / Lending Tree. Assist in design and n-tier architecture of over forward method 320 active web sites consisting of site development data integration/management SQL 6.5.A Database upgraded to prop, SQL 7.0. VB Programmer / Analyst , 4/99 to 7/99. Conduct Enhancement and help essay, Functional Specification analysis for custom client software.

Participate in integrating Project Management software. Both Design and Scope. Conduct Enhancement Testing. Enhance SQL Stored Procedures. VB Programmer / Analyst , Information Technology, 2/98 to 4/99. Develop/Program Notification Application , MAPI / TAPI / VB6.0 / ADO / SQL 6.5.

Develop/Program ACall Detail ReportA (two tier), Word / Excel / VB6.0 / ADO / SQL 6.5. Develop/Program Virtual Advantage Pager Notification software development (two tier) using Visual Basic 5.0 (Enterprise) / NT 4.0 / RDO / SQL 6.5. Project upgraded to VB6.0 / ADO / SQL 6.5. Develop/Program AVirtual Advantage Fax On Demand software development (two tier), using Visual Basic 5.0 (Enterprise) / Win NT 4.0/ RDO / SQL 6.5. Project upgraded to VB6.0 / ADO / SQL 6.5. Develop/Program Virtual Sponsor (Voice telephony Active X software development) (two tier) using Visual Basic 5.0 (Enterprise) /Win NT 4.0 / RDO / SQL 6.5. Upgraded to VB6.0 / ADO / SQL 6.5. Project Manager Earnware Professional Contact Database management software (Beta). Internet Web design and 8 essays, implementation for online support and user help. Network installation, Configuration and the israeli conflict, Management. Logistics Planner , After Market Operations, 5/97 to 2/98.

Developed Visual Basic 5.0 / Access 97 database and no on 8 essays, GUI to track /coordinate worldwide activity. Developed Visual Basic 5.0 / Access 97 database and sweeping for radial, GUI to issue authorization for return materials. Represent Logistics Department interests in all Core Team activity as related to 8 essays, Field Change Orders (FCO), (EMB) and Manufacturing Spares weekly review. Automation Assistant; 5/95 to 4/97. Developed Access 95 / Fox Pro / Visual Basic 4.0 database capable of to start tracking the training of more than 1100 military personnel throughout the Military Training Network. A Developed Form Tool Gold / Access 95 / Fox Pro Database to automate process and procedures for 8 essays the production of help to write a good essay Basic Life Support certification including the compilation of data required for quarterly and annual reports. Developed Access 95 GUI with the Standard Personnel Management System (DBIV) to track and coordinate individual / global training. Established policy and no on, procedures for implementing and coordinating the local area network and Access 95 interface for use by the outlying branch medical clinics. Conducted off site inspection / technical assist visits to support changing criteria as mandated. Supervisor, Customer Service Telephone Walk-in;7/90 to 03/95. Supervised twelve (12) staff personnel.

A Reduced accounts pending resolution by 90% in twelve months. Implemented computerized monitoring of account resolution (future files). Developed department training manual. A Conducted continuous quality (TQL) improvement reviews. A Prepared annual budget (staffing and equipment) to a good, ensure they met patients and corporate needs. University of Phoenix; 1601 Kapiolani Blvd. St. 1201; Honolulu, HI 96813. Completed: 6 Semester.

HoursMajor: Information Systems. Degree: N/A (GPA 3.8) Microsoft Professional Developers Summit (Visual Studio 6.0, Visual Modeler, SQL 7.0) Microsoft SQL 6.5 / 7.0. Visual Basic Insiders Technical Summit (VB 6.0 - Black Belt track) Microsoft Mastering Visual Basic 6.0 (Desktop Application Development) Microsoft Access 97 (Advanced) Visual Basic 5.0 (RDO) / 6.0 (ADO / RDO)

Visual Voice 4.0 / Fax 2.3. Active Server Pages. Microsoft Access 97/95. Visual Basic Application (VBA) SQL 6.5 / 7.0 / 2000. Oracle 8i (Light experience) Microsoft Developers Network.

Microsoft Independent Software Vendor Program. Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server (Beta 3 Release)

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2012 sat may essay This topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and no on prop was last updated by mispticomdeusen 4 days, 4 hours ago. January 2012 Sat Essay Topics. SAT Essay Topics Ivy GlobalInformation on forward sweeping method for radial SAT Essay Topics . Prop 8 Essays! A compilation of real SAT essay prompts administered historically by the College Board for different test January 2012 .New SAT Essay : Prompts and…The new SAT essay is optional. In 50 minutes, you#039;ll be required to read a text and write a logical, well-constructed analysis of the author#039;s argumen.October 2012 SAT Essay …Below are essay prompts from the most recent SAT administration in psychological analysis goodman, October 2012 . Prop! Prompt 1. Think carefully about the letter means resume issue presented in the following excerpt Essay Prompts and Sample Student Essays The…Explore new SAT essay prompts and 8 essays examples representative of what students will encounter on test day and essays the israeli palestinian conflict illustrating the changes being made to the SAT SAT Essay Prompts May 2012 Online Math…A collection of the SAT essay prompts or questions from prop 8 essays, March 2005 till the a good essay most recent SAT released by College Board.Preparing For SAT Test (solutions, examples ) -… SAT Test Preparation Math practice questions , worked solutions, workbooks, study guides, January 2012 essay prompts · December 2011 essay prompts .8+ Free Old Official SAT Practice Tests PrepScholar…3 Oct 2015 Here are free SAT practice tests from no on, previous years, downloadable as PDFs For many new SAT sections, old SAT question are still a relevant and useful study resource . The essay gives you a passage and then asks you to brown essay, write about 8 essays, SAT Practice Test ( 2012 -2013) Test | Answers; SAT Practice Test SAT Historical Percentiles for 2015, 2014, 2013,…11 Mar 2017 Looking for SAT score percentiles for 2014, 2013, and does letter means resume earlier years? See our collection of SAT percentiles here for your reference.Every SAT Essay Prompt Ever Released The College…3 Jan 2014 Jan. 2012 . Is it wise to be suspicious of the motives or honesty of other people, even those who appear to prop 8 essays, be trustworthy? Does improvement or How to Write the Perfect 12 Point SAT Essay SAT… 2 May 2008 test essay.

SAT Writing Section Essay help and does cover letter in a practice. Examples of SAT essay prompts and questions. January 26th, 2012 at 2:45 pm .SSAT Essay Prompts Archives | Prepped Polished -… SAT Strategy Secrets February 2013 (3) · January 2013 (2) · December 2012 (3) · November 2012 By Terri K., SSAT Essay Writing Instructor, Prepped Polished, LLC Each essay question consists of a topic (short phrase, proverb, or question ) and an assignment (usually to no on 8 essays, agree or disagree with the position taken). SAT Essay Topics : Practice your essay writing -…A list of 10 sample SAT essay topics for you to practice your essay writing skills on. SAT Essay , Part 4: Three Tips for Taking a Strong…7 Oct 2011 This is the analysis of young essay fourth part of prop our series on help to write preparing for the SAT essay . 8 Essays! Taking a half-hearted or diplomatic approach to the topic is a sure way to Keep the SAT Essay | National Association of…1 Feb 2016 The prompt tended to be broad and subjective. The December 2015 SAT essay , for to start example, asked students, “Is it dangerous to look up to role SAT Essay Examples Special Report eSAT Prep…21 Dec 2015 A pro SAT prep tutor#039;s selection of the 30 best SAT essay examples to SAT Essay Examples by no on 8 essays Christian Heath « satdude January 4, 2012 at. Episode #171, Plan an Effective SAT Essay Using SOAPST(one) Strategy Podcast . You should know the essay on research papers on perception the SSAT test does not count toward your score at all. Almost all the essay prompts are very general and vague. January 24th, 2012, 3:29 pm ; Tagged: Alexis, Alexis Avila, Avila, Belmont, Berlin, Berlin SAT Essay Prep, Part 7: Three Tips for…17 Oct 2011 This is the prop 8 essays seventh part of help to write a good our series on no on 8 essays preparing for help to write a good essay the SAT essay . That flow of ideas depends upon a wise use of no on transition devices.Let#039;s Ax the SAT Essay The Chronicle of Higher…8 Mar 2016 Less than 9 percent of colleges require the SAT essay , and method for radial a similar share will In January , ACT issued a report intended to assuage concerns over no on prop 8 essays the essay . IMHO, the ability to take a topic and create a coherent, organized short . 2014 (PDF), $19; 2014 (Print), $29; 2013 (PDF), $19; 2012 (PDF), $19 FSU Admissions | FreshmanNovember 1, 2017, January 25, 2018. February Choose one of five essay questions and upload your essay . We require freshman applicants to submit at about the israeli palestinian least one ACT and/or SAT test score by the application deadline to be considered for The Story Behind the Smiles Greater Nashville Interfaith…Please contact Beverly Grant with any questions. No On Prop! essay writing topics for xat 2013 essay writing tips for forward xat 2012 xat essay writing examples xat .. prompts january first grade sat essay prompts june 2012 sat essay prompts january 2012 sat More Examples of no on prop 8 essays SAT #039;Pop Culture#039;…22 Mar 2011 The passionate discussion last week about the propriety of the now-infamous “reality television#039;#039; essay question on transitions the SAT – including more SAT Facts and 8 essays FAQs Erik Jacobsen19 Sep 2015 The SAT is what means, administered in October, November, December, January , March, . test on prop a given test date (including up to four different essay questions ). The version of the about the israeli Blue Book released in 2012 with a DVD contains the Hver tekur forystu i barattu vetrarins?

AFL -…12 Sep 2017 essay writing topics for xat 2013 essay writing tips for 8 essays xat 2012 xat essay writing examples xat essay writing+samples xlri essay writing xat The SAT Essay Section: is it Necessary? – The…6 Sep 2015 The essay section consists of a prompt which test-takers are given a scant 25 minutes to read, analyze and to write respond to coherently and SAT | Test prep | Khan AcademyTake real, full-length new SAT practice tests from College Board, watch Sal work through SAT questions , and use Official SAT Practice to get personalized SAT practice tailored just for you. About the no on prop SAT Essay · SAT Essay Strategies.Major changes coming to 2016 SAT test CNN -…6 Mar 2014 The SAT test will see some major changes in help to write a good essay, 2016, The College Board announced. when it altered some question formats, added a written essay and changed its Coleman, who joined the College Board in 2012 , has spoken critically of . No On Prop! 2013 State of on perception College Admission report released in January .Reality TV on the SAT#039;s ? – EvolutionBlog -…17 Mar 2011 The following appeared as an essay question on no on prop 8 essays the SAT : Reality television programs, which feature real people engaged in real activities SAT Subject Tests Wikipedia SAT Subject Tests are 20 multiple-choice standardized tests given by the College Board on help was divided into a 20-minute essay question and prop a 40-minute multiple-choice section. The writing test was discontinued in January 2005. if someone gets every question wrong on the Mathematics Level 2 test, he/she might College Essays College Admission at Loyola -…3 Sep 2013 The writing sample or essay is necessary in order for your application Choose the research on perception Right Topic : At Loyola, we do not have a specific question SAMPLE SAT ESSAY Topics Tutoring Match BlogSample questions and quotes for practicing the 25-minute essay section for 8 essays the SAT .How SAT Essays Are Graded – College Prep Results30 Aug 2012 Many wonder how SAT essays are graded and how the process could be to read about research papers on perception, one of the 8 essays most controversial SAT essay topics here. 2016-2017 UVA First-Year Application Essays Notes from…

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essay on ponyboy He knew that this would bring his family some trouble but he wanted to no on 8 essays do it anyway. What challenges does the outsider face? Tom Robinson- The trial. He was sent to jail for a crime he did not commit and ended up being shot after an attempt to break out prison. Scout and Jem- yelled remarks and called names from people at school and even old ladies sitting on porches and being the subject of everyone’s whispers. Another challenge they faced was Mr. Robert Ewell’s attack after the play at school. Overcoming Obstacles in The Outsiders and The Time Traveler Essay.

overcome any obstacle. At the time, a dilemma in essays the israeli conflict, ones life may seem too troublesome and no on intimidating, but to truly learn and mature from the obstacle, it is necessary to be able to what letter in a resume stand up for yourself, while consistently doing what is right. In The Outsiders, Ponyboy started to realize this after he and Johnny were with the two girls. They were “Socs”, and no on prop many boys came and tried to start a fight just because they were together. The only thing that ended the dispute was the girls getting into the Soc’s. Central Characters as Outsiders in Society in E.T.

The Extra Terrestrial and the Elephant Man. If we now consider the secondary characters we see that they are also outsiders. Eliot is friendless, no father figure about, Mum to busy to notice and rejected by help a good, his siblings. 8 Essays? Dr. Treaves is a more subtle in his outsider status. He is extraordinary in that he has befriended a thing, layers and layers below him in the cultural pyramid. After ET has evaded capture the film moves to a family house, where some teenagers are having a sleepover. It becomes apparent, that Eliot. strategic use of an ambiguous vocabulary allows Meursault to be portrayed as an conflict individual that feels constantly judged. In this extract Camus’s philosophy of the absurd is clearly explored through Camus characterization of Meursault.

In The Outsider Camus strives to embody the 20th. The symbols of hair and eyes assist in greater illumination the novel’s central theme of identity and prop class. The reference to Robert Frost’s poem, “Nothing Gold Can Stay” is introduced by Ponyboy, as he recites it to Johnny in the Windrixville Church. “Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf. So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down. This shows that although they come from different backgrounds, both groups have more in what does in a resume, common than they think. It is also foolish to fight and bicker like they do, because they should be channeling their energy towards more positive things in life. No On Prop? One of the main themes of the novel is maturing. Ponyboy goes through a lot of hardships in his life, and this makes him a wiser and help to write more mature individual.

Although the things he has to overcome make his life hard at that present time, they work. Compare and Contrast How the Main Protagonists Experience Being Outsiders Within Their Respective Societies. Browning’s choice of no on, not allowing the to write a good Duke to blame himself for his failed marriage and realising that he is an outsider builds on the image of a psychotic character that will not rehabilitate any time soon. Heathcliff similarly does not accept that he is in the wrong. “I do hate him- I am wretched –I have been a fool!” Isabella realises the extent to which her naivety has played a role in Heathcliff’s evil intention. Heathcliff on the other hand his not regretful for the way he used Isabella. He is a very outgoing, happy person, who sees the good in everything, and we recognize this more as we get further into the novel. When Ponyboy provides insight into no on prop 8 essays Soda’s personality, he says, “he’s always happy-go-lucky and grinning. Sodapop’ll never grow up at all.” (Page 7) It is clear to forward sweeping method for radial us, that Soda loves being free and no on 8 essays having a good time. There is a moment, where Ponyboy sums up Sodapop’s whole personality in a few words, saying, “I had to grin at him – Soda can make you grin no matter.

Resolution: Everything goes back to normal, and Pony decides to write about his journey for his English essay. 4. The main character in this story is Ponyboy Curtis. Three. Excuse me while I throw up. Everybody else is tossed into does cover letter a stuffy, degrading barrel, miles below this prestigious league.

There are the geeks, nerds and dorks. Pretty much self-explanatory - the teachers' pets, typically bespectacled kids who somehow traded in their fashion sense for a bucket of intelligence. There are the visible minorities who cling fearfully to no on prop one another and toss around words you believe to be insults directed to you in foreign languages. The Pain and Suffering of Not. Book Report On The Outsiders Essay. The narrator, Ponyboy Curtis, is a teenager who lives alone with his two brothers. He is interested in academics and help to write a good sports, but does not receive the same respect and treatment granted to the wealthier kids, who belong to a different gang called the Socs. Pony has long hair, which he greases; he knows that people consider him a juvenile delinquent based on his appearance. Pony is not content with his situation; he worries that his brother does not want to take care of him and constantly fears. The Three Deaths in Hinton#x27;s The Outsiders Essay.

Ponyboy then runs out of the house with a rage knowing that Darry does not want him there anymore. He later finds Johnny and asks him to run away with him and Johnny agrees without hesitation. They go to the park to think out their plan when they run into a group of the socials. They want to no on prop 8 essays get them back for psychological goodman brown stealing their girlfriends. One of the socials, Bob, grabs Ponyboy and forces his face into a fountain of 8 essays, water, drowning him. About Palestinian? Johnny quickly grabs his switchblade and kills Bob, which makes.

The Outsiders Greaser Character Description Essay. Even though Ponyboy is the prop youngest greaser the transitions to start a thesis gang treats Johnny as if it were him. He is smaller than the rest of the gang and he has jet-black hair and a very tanned face. He also has big black eyes that often show suspicion or nervous. Two-Bit – Another Gang member, he is 8 essays 18, the oldest gang member that isn’t a Curtis. His real name is Keith Mathews and he is about 6 feet tall. He had a greyish tone of eyes and is always smiling with a wide grin. He has extremely long side burns compares. Essay on help to write essay, S.E. Prop 8 Essays? Hinton?s The Outsiders Theme. For instance, Ponyboy’s grades had dropped dramatically and he began to act more like a “tuff,” carefree, rebellious Greaser.

Instead of acknowledging the fact that his friend had passed away, he lied to himself about the situation. In the text it stated, “I always have been kind of absent-minded, but man, then, I was lucky if I got home from school with the right notebooks and with both shoes on.” This indicates that Ponyboy’s mind was completely in the daisies during this tragic time period. The Outsider in Don Quixote and Frankenstein Essay examples. This would seem evident in the Underground Man who rails against society because he is an outcast and research is hyperconscious of this state because he is highly educated, but Godwin would argue, via Rousseau.s Confessions, that the creature begins in an unadulterated, unfallen state of innocence and is subsequently corrupted by an unlearned, un-enlightened society and suffers additionally because he is a tabula rasa, uneducated. The chicken and the egg conundrum continues to no on 8 essays revolve. Nearly.

A Deconstructionist Perspective of S. E. Hinton#x27;s The Outsiders. Ponyboy also says that he felt the does cover letter in a resume blood draining from my face (55). This description illustrates the no on 8 essays instinctive fear both boys feel in psychological analysis of young essay, anticipation of the attack. The narrator's words further substantiate the theme of no on 8 essays, a realistic approach to the issues of research papers, violence and class conflict. In reading the text as focusing on the idealism of youth, the second scene describes the heroic reactions of the no on prop boys to the threat of danger. This scene is similar in that Ponyboy and Johnny are once. Essay on Camus’ The Stranger (The Outsider): Parallels Within. This particular scene is echoed in analysis of young brown essay, Part II, at 8 essays, Meursault's own trial, where he has the again unsettling feeling that he is forward method being judged--only this time it is for no on prop 8 essays something he actually did, and it's official. He has the weird impression, again, that he will remember the faces of the jurors forever because he can see them with a sort of heightened vision; he observes every detail of forward sweeping, their clothing and can see every little blemish and prop feature on their bodies.

Another curious parallel emerges with. Friendship in S.E. Hinton?s The Outsiders Essay. After he gets jumped by the Socs he began to be afraid of things as simple as his own shadow. Help To Write? His personality stands out as the gentle one of the gang, but he “was a good fighter and could play it cool, but he was sensitive and that isn't a good way to be when you're a greaser” (88). No On Prop 8 Essays? Ponyboy knows that Johnny could fight if he needed but Johnny says “fighting’s no good. . . .” (148).

He believes that fighting does not answer the problems the greasers and the Socs have. Before Johnny died he wrote. While walking, a blue Mustang came down the street that belonged to Cherry and Marcia’s boyfriends. Help A Good Essay? They continued to no on 8 essays walk down the the israeli conflict street and 8 essays acted normally. About? The mustang passed them by. The car then came back and spotted them. Their boyfriends, members of the socs, got out the car.

The boyfriends did not see the no on prop boys but they did see their girlfriends. Johnny noticed that one of the socs jumped him earlier. The socs threaten Ponyboy and Johnny. Another tragedy in the story happens when Darry slapped. He shows humor when it says “And if you had the sense of a billy goat you’d try to help around your place instead of of young essay, bumming around.” He shows sensitivity by no on 8 essays, almost crying when Johnny dies in the hospital.

And Pony shows intelligence because it says in the book that he gets good grades in school. 5. This story takes place on the East side of town, in a place not mentioned in to write a good essay, the book. When Johnny and Pony run off to escape the police, it takes place in the country in an abandoned church. It. These characters all speak about him with contempt and without respect, undermining Othello’s senior position as General. Not only do two noblemen of Venice; Roderigo and no on prop 8 essays Brabantio disrespect him; but Iago, one of does means in a resume, his senior officers, does also. Therefore we assume that Othello is not respected by anyone in Venice because he is a monster and therefore “different” to everyone else. They extinguish any possibilities of pure love between Desdemona and Othello through suggesting that he tricked her into. It's a pack. A snarling, distrustful. No On? bickering pack like the Socs in their social clubs or the street gangs in New York or the wolves in the timber. [Dally's] tough, but he's a cool guy. Dally's okay, Johnny said defensively, and on perception I nodded.

You take up for your buddies, no matter what they do. When you're a gang, you stick up for prop 8 essays your members. Transitions To Start A Thesis? If you don't stick up for them, stick together, make like brothers, it isn't a gang any more. No On 8 Essays? It's a pack. A snarling, distrustful. bickering pack like. The Outsiders Movie vs. What Does Letter Resume? Book Essay. After supper that evening, grandma and the girls prepared the lumber to start the fire.

Grandma Myra then realized she didn’t have matches. Now Myra had to walk a two miles away to the nearest convenience store to prop 8 essays buy matches. Elisa and for radial Elizabeth had to stay alone in the cabin until grandmother came back. When grandmother left, Elisa started singing and chanting and playing around with Liz by the fireplace. As Elisa danced and no on prop waved around the sweeping fireplace chanting magic words sparks began to. Being an Outsider in Dr. Jekyll and prop Mr. Hyde and a good essay The Fifth Child. This meant they could choose whether to become a career woman or become a mother. Harriet has to no on 8 essays face this dilemma at the start of the papers book: The question to be, or not to be, a career woman had never bothered her, though she was prepared to discuss it: she did not like to no on prop 8 essays appear more eccentric than she had to help a good essay be.

This difference can also be shown by the first word of the fifth child, it is no on prop 8 essays Harriet. David follows this word. This can imply that the book is a lot more feminist than. Fairchild and does letter resume has experience of being an outsider and knows how hard it is to become and be accepted as a Fairchild. No On? Robbie is considered an embarassment to the family and the family still sees her as an outsider while Troy is judged as an unfit husband for Dabney and is on the verge of remaining an outsider to to write the Fairchild family.

The novel Delta Wedding shows a family with conflict and struggle within the family itself, the individuals and the outsiders trying to break down that family boundaries. Affect of Vampires on no on prop, Society Essay. Bloodsuckers we love in Twilight, True Blood, and Others” examines the transformation of the vampire and suggests that the transformation is essays about palestinian making our culture more welcoming to outsiders. Women desire the vampire who is usually an outsider in most ways and I do think that this makes our culture more sympathetic to outsiders. Maybe it is 8 essays this sympathy that draws women in. Vampires have been a part of American culture for a long time, Dracula came out in 1931. Vampires, Vampires, Everywhere! is. incorporate matching white shirts to identify themselves, and as seen in the movie treat anyone without a white shirt as an outsider and goodman brown untimetly alienates them. This signifies how much of a difference it makes when looking different to 8 essays everybody else, it ultimately forces the outsiders to join the propaganda in order to to start fit in as they feel it is their only choice.

The outsiders in this situation feel that to belong is to be safe. Here it is presented as an extreme case, but for most, looking and sounding. become an prop outsider. Psychological Analysis Of Young Essay? The United States has been referred to as “the melting pot”. The melting pot is prop simply defined as a land where people from many different backgrounds and cultures with numerous ethnicities, religious groups, skin colors, and languages come together to form one single nation. Forward? When you move from one place to another, u becomes an immigrant. I am an immigrant too. I was born in China, move to U.S when I was nine years old. When I first came to America I became an outsider. My chinese.

Language and ethnic compatibility are not exception. The nature of a settlement has its own language and lingo, this is one of the cultural norms that make up a society, making it easier for others to no on 8 essays fit in and discouraging outsiders from papers on perception, interfering. By having their own lingo, outsiders would not. Be Your Own Boss: A Case of Papua New Guinea Essay. the concept of ‘job’ or working for other people was introduced by the outsiders that penetrated traditional Papua New Guinean societies during the colonial era, be it missionaries or either British or the Germans. Historically, the people own their lands, they work for themselves. They tend the land to feed themselves and their families or clan they do not work for other people. It has been like this up till the 8 essays outsiders penetrated our society and essays palestinian that was when changes started taking place, at. Discuss the Social Psychology of the Bystander Effect Essay.

Assistance 5. Implement the activity decision Notice To test the idea of perceiving, Latane and Darley (1968) organized a crisis utilizing Columbia University understudies. The understudies were put in a room-either alone, with two outsiders or with three outsiders to finish a poll while they held up. few outstanding shares that were held by the family were sold to prop outsiders. Herbert Kohler noticed that the number of papers, shareholders was increasing over time, nearing 400, so he decided to no on 8 essays go on with the a good proposed 1-for-20 reverse stock split to keep the SEC and their regulations out of his firm. The effect of this split forced the non-family shareholders to sell out at $412.50 per share substantially reducing the number of 4 outsiders.

This was very beneficial because Kohler keeps its always sought. members of the ARU. All trains nationwide were blocked so much so the Attorney General became involved stating federal mail was being interrupted. Pullman continued his stance and began to hire outsiders and blacklisting others. Outside organizations were hire outsiders and blacklisting others.

Outside organizations were called in to help with local need. The Character of the City Boston in prop 8 essays, J Anthony Lukas#x27; Common Ground and Richard Broadman#x27;s Mission Hill and the Miracle of Boston. The politicians play the role of the established insiders; the essays the israeli palestinian conflict white race plays the role as the struggling insiders and the minorities especially the African-Americans play the role of the ascendant outsiders. An alliance between the established insiders and the ascendant outsiders caused the isolation of the struggling insiders and this provides us with the busing case of 1974. When these groups form alliances or make certain deals the no on prop 8 essays health of the city especially Boston may be disturbed. Boston. playing on the word “barbarian” and forward method its savage connotations. No On Prop? Shakespeare raises the issue of psychological analysis essay, Othello’s blackness throughout the play. While Othello is an outsider because of his race and creed, Shakespeare paints him as a noble, sympathetic character. Othello suffers a downfall because he is deceived and corrupted; in fact, his otherness and outsider status make him an easy target of Iago’s.

Looking at no on prop 8 essays, the way outsiders are portrayed in help essay, Fenton’s story shows the struggles outsiders had moving to another environment. In a time period where things like this were not spoken, Fenton took the first step in no on 8 essays, showing us how television portrays the wrong message to transitions a thesis its viewers. Prop? All of this also ties into my understanding of the to start a thesis differences people perceptions have on different situations. In the second essay I talk about the struggles student athletes have in school while playing Division. Comparing The Jewel in the Crown and Wuthering Heights Essay. and put them each on a collision course with a tragic destiny. The similarities extend beyond the main characters of the novels to no on 8 essays the trustworthy and matronly narrators of Nellie Dean and Sister Ludmila and the inquisitive outsiders that are Lockwood and the Unnamed Narrator. The dramas are played out in locations that are worthy.

like donkey he is grateful that Donkey doesn't see him as a terrifying Ogre because this, on an emotional level, upsets Shrek. But this means that the audience can relate to Shrek as we could all imagine what it feels like to transitions a thesis be an outsider The plot of this fairytale is unlike usual fairytales. The hero is saving the princess for the villain! Usually the hero goes on the quest to save the princess from the villain. Prop 8 Essays? At a part of the film there is a tournament, this. Essay on Black Theology and a thesis Feminist Theology. movements. There is a myth of White womanhood which alienates Black women to the present day. White women were depicted as gentle, nurturing, sensitive, and dependent in order to place the White women on a pedestal. Meanwhile, Black women were seen as outsiders of humanity, embodying a promiscuous, independent, and prop unnatural mother.

From this myth came the belief that White women were equally the victims of the oppression of slavery. When Black slave women were raped by the White women’s husband, it was. The narrator finds a channel of hope outside the windows, through the bars and knows that it is her escape to the world. Transitions To Start? She wants to leave the room and depart into prop the real world. On Perception? Both Elisa Allen and the narrator feel a need, a desire to help an outsider to no on 8 essays release ones self. Male dominance is evident in both Elisa’s and essays about the israeli palestinian conflict the narrator lives and how it leads to different outcomes. Both have husbands who believe they know the no on prop best for their wives and their needs.

With negative attitudes. folowing Mickey and Malory would presumeably be the a thesis good hero, but he is no on 8 essays depicted as totally corrupt, and in one scene rapes a woman. On the contrary, the two murderers are the analysis brown essay heroes, the products of disfunctional families and society. They are outsiders, drifters, and lovers with no worries, all the freedom in prop, the world, and a natural appetite for blood. In this sense they fit Marchetti's description of a hero as a loner; but rather than saving the society that molded them, they are destroying. Essay about Health Care Policy Initiation and Implementation. implementers; which can easily hinders their success (Shera Ramon, 2013). Evidently, implementation is transitions enhanced by early involving implementers in policy formation; that can achieve early commitment to the change (McLaughlin McLaughlin, 2008). Assigning outsiders for leadership positions can be very beneficial as they bring in different experiences from other models. Yet, it can be problematic to effectively connect with and be accepted by implementers in a timely manner. Like evidence-based medicine, evidence-based.

different definition of teamwork that did not fit with Dupont’s culture which actually had no problems at all (Palmer et al., 2009). What makes sense to a company because of a culture that has existed there for prop a long time may seem like a problem to an outsider. Help Essay? Sometimes there is no need to fix it, just accept that it. well as physical dangers. It is important to remember that the no on continued behaviors of Eating Disorders can lead to many physical problems, further emotional difficulties, and even death. Keep in mind there isn't a lot you can do overall, as an outsider to a thesis a close family member or friend suffering from an Eating Disorder. It is up to no on prop the individual suffering to decide they are ready to deal with the emotional issues in their life that have lead them to their Eating Disorder. They need to make a. Teaching Communication to Deaf Students so as to Help Then Live Independently. the child.

He feels that a person’s culture is responsible for selecting the segments of on perception, information that they consider important” (Scheetz, 1993). If a deaf person spends his/her entire life surrounded by no on, hearing people only and feeling like an outsider, then s/he will have trouble developing socially. The Israeli Palestinian? A teacher of deaf students is responsible for providing an appropriate social environment in the. Essay about no on 8 essays George Eliot’s Silas Marner. (Shuttleworth 88).29 By going to church, communicating with neighbors, and, most importantly, allowing people to to start a thesis help him Silas integrated himself into no on prop 8 essays society. By letting “The men at the Rainbow help Marner after he is analysis goodman brown essay robbed even though he is an outsider. The villagers are dependent on each other, and prop 8 essays when Marner also realizes this, he is ready to conflict play his part in a wider community, instead of foolishly trying to be self-sufficient” (Milne and Sisler).30 Eppie and. The Political Suffering of the Forties and 8 essays Fifties Demonstrated in the Poem Howl by Ginsberg. “starving hysterical naked, / dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn / looking for an angry fix”. The ‘negro streets at dawn’ could be explained by the Beat fascination with jazz music and psychological analysis of young essay African American culture.

Since they were outsiders they felt akin to other minority groups. This line also reflects the no on prop 8 essays racism and inevitably the essays about the israeli conflict Civil Rights Movement that was beginning in the United States2. Ginsberg goes on 8 essays, to describe his generation as “angelheaded hipsters burning for the ancient. Identifying Potential Malicious Attacks Essay. hacking attempt like port scans.

If an unusual activity occurs it will issue alerts notifying administrators to to write a good block the suspected connection. IDS, is capable of finding either the attack was inside the organization (employees or customer) or an no on outsider. What’s not an IDS: * Network logging systems used, for example, to detect complete vulnerability to any Denial of Service (DoS) attack across a congested network. These are network traffic monitoring systems. * Vulnerability assessment. Applying Criminology to Juvenile Justice Essay. Becker, (1963) Outsiders, (p.9). If you are labeled as a criminal, people do not consider all the good things you have done; they just see that you committed some type of a felony and are now a criminal. Once a person is labeled and judged by society it is very hard to get back to what they once had and people often have an about the israeli identity change. No On? This is a social problem because labeling these people basically ruins their lives to the point where they have no choice but to for fill that label they were.

substance of how people feel about Christians and Christianity. The central goal was not just to determine if people feel negatively but why. What are we known for? One Crucial insight kept popping up in our exploration. In studying thousands of outsiders’ impressions, it is essays conflict clear that Christians are primarily perceived for what they stand against.

We have become famous for what we oppose, rather than what we are for.” Discipleship begins with one’s heart being drawn and connected with Jesus. Discipleship.

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Essay on Kashmir Flash Floods | India | Disaster Management. Here is an no on prop, essay on the ‘Kashmir Flash Floods’ for essays the israeli conflict, class 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Kashmir Flash Flood’ especially written for school and prop, college students. Floods in forward method for radial, the state are linked to the Jhelum River and its history of crossing the danger mark and no on prop 8 essays, thereby inundating the forward sweeping method for radial, ‘Valley’. Floods in Jammu and Kashmir aren’t exactly an uncommon phenomenon, if history and indeed its geography is to be believed. Starting last week, the state has seen an no on, unprecedented amount of rainfall, resulting in its worst floods since 1959.

Floods in psychological of young brown, the state are invariably linked to no on the Jhelum River and its history of crossing the research papers on perception, danger mark, its streams and prop, rivulets overflowing and thereby inundating the “Valley” (south Kashmir) in does letter means in a, the process. While the scale of devastation caused by these floods is nothing short of massive, with over 200 people having lost their lives so far, the Valley, along with the Jammu region has, over time witnessed floods occurring at no on 8 essays, regular intervals. According to Sir Walter Roper Lawrence in his book, The Valley of Kashmir (1895), “Many disastrous floods are noticed in vernacular histories, but the greatest was the terrible inundation which followed the slipping of the to write essay, Khadanyar mountains below Baramula in AD 879. The channel of the Jhelum River was blocked and no on prop 8 essays, a large part of the valley was submerged.” The other major flood to affect Kashmir happened in 1841, which Lawrence notes, “caused much damage to life and property.” However, the first flood of devastating proportions to hit the state came half a century later in 1893, when 52 hours of psychological of young goodman brown essay, continuous and warm rainfall, beginning 18 July, caused what Lawrence describes as “a great calamity”. In 1893, he notes, “the flood cost the no on, state Rs. Letter In A Resume? 64,804 in land revenue alone, 25,426 acres of prop 8 essays, crops were submerged, 2,225 houses were wrecked and 329 cattle killed.” In the aftermath of the 1893 floods, Lawrence noted an interesting practice, where he wrote, “Marvellous tales were told of the efficacy of the flags of saints which had been set up to arrest the floods, and people believe that the rice fields of Tulamula and the bridge of sweeping, Sumbal were saved by the presence of these flags, which were taken from the prop, shrines as a last resort”. The Valley also recorded major floods at the turn of the century, with the help a good essay, most devastating one coming 10 years after the 1893 disaster. The floods, which in the day were classified as the “greatest flood ever known”, came down the Valley and Srinagar on 23 July 1903, converting the city into “a whole lake”. According to Saligram Bhatt in his 2004-book “Kashmir Ecology and Environment: New Concerns and Strategies”, the water level in the 1903 floods were higher by 3 points as compared to the one that had hit the state a decade earlier.

Bhatt wrote, “7,000 dwellings went down in the neighbourhood of the city, including 773 on the Dal Lake.” For the next quarter of no on prop 8 essays, a century, the Valley did not record major floods in the valley, largely thanks to lessons learnt and reparative measures which were put in place. However, in 1929, the Valley grappled with yet another major flood, which mainly affected parts of transitions, what is today Pakistan-occupied Kashmir. Jammu and Kashmir Hit by Devastating Floods: About 22 air force helicopters and four aircraft were deployed to evacuate stranded people and to deliver relief. While the Valley stayed relatively flood-free for no on 8 essays, the following two decades, immediately after independence, Kashmir was hit by a flood in 1948. Two years later, in September 1950, another major flood hit the state, with nearly 100 people losing their lives.

The flood was, rather unsurprisingly, caused by the Jhelum’s overflow. According to a Hindustan Times report from Jammu, “more than 15,000 houses have either collapsed or been damaged and over 100 people lost their lives in the heavy rains and floods in what cover, Jammu district.” The then Maharaja of Kashmir, Hari Singh, donated a sum of Rs. 24,000 for the relief of flood victims, while the Maharani donated Rs. 10,000. In August-September of 1957, another major flood was recorded in no on 8 essays, Jammu and Kashmir, with the Valley feeling its devastating impact. The floods almost submerged the entire valley. What Does Cover Letter Means? In a Hindustan Times dispatch from prop 8 essays, Jammu (Sep 2), the then Prime Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, Bakshi Ghulam Mohammad was quoted as saying that, “the floods recorded in Jammu and Kashmir were the what, highest ever recorded in the state, and that the prop, damage caused by them was colossal.” Two years later, in July 1959, the help to write a good, state witnessed yet another massive “glacial” flood, perhaps its worst ever at the time, when four days of no on, incessant rains lashed the help to write essay, valley and Srinagar, triggering the Jhelum.

The Hindu reported, “The swirling flood waters of the prop, Jhelum River touched 30.25 feet on 5 July, over six points above the danger level.” The rainfall that lashed the state was so severe that then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, who was enroute to to write a survey of the damage caused by the floods, had to return to Delhi less than five hours after take-off from Palam. In a statement, the Prime Minister said, “I spent a day in the Kashmir Valley yesterday. There can be no doubt about the calamity that has descended upon the Jammu and prop, Kashmir state because of these floods and the tremendous damage they have done. What is distressing is that many of the development works which have been built up in recent years have been washed away and we have to start anew. Both the state and the central government will give help.” While the state did witness floods thereafter in the following three decades, the one in sweeping, 1992 was unprecedented in terms of its fury.

Recording its heaviest rainfall since 1959, the 1992 floods were most devastating, purely in no on 8 essays, terms of casualties. According to newspaper reports from 1992, over 200 people lost their lives and forward, the floods left over 60,000 people marooned in several north-western border districts. However, it is also worth noting that parts of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir bore the no on prop 8 essays, brunt of these floods, with over 2,000 deaths reported in that part. While flash floods in the region, mainly triggered by a thesis, a combination of heavy rainfall and prop, landslides are common, the state has also witnessed massive floods caused by a cloudburst in the Leh- Ladakh region of Jammu and Kashmir. The cloudburst, which occurred on analysis of young brown essay 6 August 2010, triggered flash floods in the area after a night of no on, heavy downpour.

While it only lasted for half an hour, the on perception, devastation caused by 8 essays, the cloudburst was enormous. It destroyed many buildings in the city of Leh, including hospitals and a thesis, several communication lines that connected it with the rest of the state, and prop 8 essays, indeed the country. Over 250 people were reported dead in the floods triggered by the cloudburst. The dredging of rivers carried out in the last decade has not helped the situation. In fact, it has made it worse in certain cases — for example, the Doodhganga and Rambiyaar tributaries of the Jhelum. As the floodwaters carried a high sediment load, the sheer force swept away the bridges and roads that embank these turbulent streams.

The state has a specific objective to generate electricity from run-of-the-river projects and what does cover means in a resume, has no dams. The construction of large dams is not permitted under the Indus Waters Treaty. As Kashmir is yet to fully exploit its run-of-the-river power generation potential, this was not seen as a limitation. But the state is vulnerable during intense precipitation, the incidence of which is likely to increase if global climate change patterns replicate themselves in the Himalayan region and intensify extreme weather conditions. Strategically placed, dams could hold large quantities of water from the Jhelum’s tributaries.

The confluence of the Veshav, Lidder and Rambiyaar into the Jhelum within a few kilometres of no on prop, each other in psychological of young goodman brown essay, south Kashmir could prove dangerous for Anantnag town and prop 8 essays, adjacent areas. This is a good example of where a dam could be employed to good effect. The Sendh and Doodhganga basins could similarly benefit from such a strategy. Wularlake near Sopore also presents a natural water-storage option. Its capacity to hold a large quantity of water could be enhanced, as envisaged by the Wular navigation project, to provide security against the threat of inundation in north Kashmir.

But the projects would have to be accommodated by the Indus Waters Treaty first. Dams upstream on the Jhelum, Chenab and Indus, however, could have helped keep water levels low and prevent breaches. Policy-makers in Pakistan must understand this well. However, the threat of dams being used as strategic weapons is something that has prevented the political leadership in Pakistan from recognizing their larger benefit. The stalling of the Wular project on the Jhelum is a clear example of this mindset.

How can the lack of trust be overcome? The answer lies in the participation of JK in future negotiations over the Indus waters. The state could wield greater control over the river waters, which should be distributed by the terms of the Indus Waters Treaty to what means resume provide Pakistan a guarantee against strategic wartime usage. Through collective monitoring and no on prop, the exchange of real-time water discharge data, trust could be further built between water management authorities on papers on perception each side. And given the fact that dams would be essential to control floods, holding back water would also be detrimental. For India, this would be a win- win situation. Industry and growing metropolises could use the hydropower generated in Kashmir. Power is no on prop, central to India’s growing economy and hydropower provides an research on perception, easy option for no on 8 essays, the country to decrease its reliance on coal. Cooperation over water is not a new feature of psychological analysis of young brown, India-Pakistan relations.

In fact, it is the sole area where diplomacy between the two countries has been largely successful. Water has been identified as an area of renewed interest in the composite dialogue. The Kashmir floods are a reminder that its scope should be further widened. Reasons for Floods: 1. Institutional Failures: (a) IMD: The immediate and recognizable cause of the Jammu and Kashmir floods was heavy rainfall. In the week ending on no on 8 essays September 10, Udhampur, Reasi and Kulgam districts received much higher rainfall than the State average rainfall for the week (268 mm), which was evidently going to have disastrous implications. Yet, curiously, none of the local, State or Central agencies saw the consequences of such heavy rainfall. There was sufficient time before the water from the rainfall reached Srinagar or other upstream areas of the Jhelum basin, and Jammu and other areas of the Chenab basin, but no agency provided any warning to these vulnerable areas. (b) The Central Water Commission, India’s premier technical body in water resources, which is supposed to what does letter provide forecasts of floods in all flood-prone areas, failed miserably in prop, giving any information on river flow that would have warned the people in the downstream areas. (c) The State Department of Irrigation and Flood Control which manages State water resources and the flood control system did not monitor and maintain embankments or provide any warnings when they were breached.

This means even in the State capital, people had absolutely no idea of the impending disaster till the waters entered their houses and colonies. 2. Forward? Increasing Interventions: The encroachment of riverbeds and flood plains and the destruction of the once-abundant lakes, wetlands, marshes, flood channels and other water bodies and areas exacerbated the disaster. Wetlands act as a sponge, and their loss is no on, bound to have serious repercussions. Construction of buildings in such areas have not only to write, made these buildings vulnerable but also reduced the prop, flood absorption capacity of these areas, thus making other areas vulnerable too. i. A report by the Bombay Natural History Society has mentioned that the Wularlake, once spread over 20,200 ha, has shrunk to 2,400 ha. ii. The Dal Lake in Srinagar has been reduced to almost half its earlier size, to 1,200 ha.

iii. According to the Centre for Science and Environment, over the last century more than 50 per help a good essay, cent of the prop, lakes, ponds and wetlands of Srinagar have been encroached upon. iv. The banks of the Jhelum have been overrun, reducing its drainage capacity. The story is the same with the Tawi in Jammu. Flash floods in this river washed away some 400 buildings and inundated scores of colonies, many of them in breach of the in a resume, Jammu Master Plan. v. Major interventions are expected to take place in the Chenab and Jhelum basins including about prop 40 hydropower projects in each basin of various sizes and in various stages of development. Each of these projects involve the construction of dams, water storage, tunnels, blasting, diversion of rivers, deforestation, construction of roads and essays about the israeli palestinian conflict, colonies, and mining of materials on no on prop a large scale, and dumping of millions of cubic metres of muck from cover means in a, each large project. The Chenab basin is, in fact, home to the largest capacity of hydropower projects under construction in India compared to any other basin. 3. Climate change footprint:

Such extreme weather events, whose frequency is already on the rise in the Himalayas at prop 8 essays, a greater rate than global averages, there is an undeniable climate change footprint. There was a column in forward sweeping for radial, the Hindustan Times titled “Kashmir and Uttarakhand: We are a disaster when it comes to disasters” asks why we are not learning lessons from these events, and comes to the conclusion that “disaster preparedness is prop, just not there in our DNA”. Before blame is pointed at any state or national government agency it is worth reflecting on research papers on perception the scale of the challenge India faces. Climate change is responsible for the increasing trend in the number and intensity of extreme weather events (reiterated again this year by the Intergovernmental Panel on prop 8 essays Climate Change in their latest report). However, an extreme weather event only becomes a disaster when it hits assets and causes loss of life and livelihood. Even if climate change was not a factor, scientists tell us that disasters are getting more destructive as people are more exposed to floods and other such events.

Preparing for a disaster does not just mean putting in place early warning systems and protocols for evacuations. Preparedness is fundamental to the way we plan and do development. Environmentalists and journalists are already starting to make claims about why the floods in Jammu and Kashmir have caused so much destruction, among them: deforestation in forward sweeping for radial, the catchment areas of rivers, unplanned construction in flood plains, rampant dumping of garbage in the rivers, and overuse of chemical fertilizers by farmers. Development should protect against the risk of no on 8 essays, disasters, rather than increasing the risk. Transitions To Start A Thesis? This requires understanding and acting upon disaster risk in plans and no on 8 essays, decisions.

India’s 2005 Disaster Management Act calls for exactly this. So is it happening? Research from different states across India suggests progress is sporadic, uneven and only just beginning. There are many well-documented reasons why planning and development continues to sideline the risks associated with natural disasters. But, there are also opportunities, and transitions to start a thesis, examples of when state, district or city governments in India are getting it right. The suffering caused by disasters should ensure it becomes a political priority, but recent history suggests that the status quo returns quickly after the event. For example, in a district in Sikkim regularly affected by landslides, there is a widespread perception among communities, civil society and government officials, that where and how new roads and dams are being built is increasing the risk of landslides. But, political interest in these construction projects, and failures of the planning process, mean construction continues as usual. Understanding exactly where and how people and places are at risk is next. In Uttarakhand, a comprehensive process will soon start.

This will give the Government the prop 8 essays, evidence to identify whether to mainstream disaster risk into development initiatives and how to do it. Identifying risk and what cover letter means in a resume, mitigating it is not always straightforward. For example, in Leh district in prop, Jammu and Kashmir, the planting of trees on the edge of streams — to means in a tackle climate change — actually exacerbated the impact of the 2010 flash floods, because the trees fell into the streams forming dams which when they broke proved disastrous. This is a classic case of no on prop, why addressing climate change and disaster risk cannot be separated. There is an assumption that it is more expensive to invest in disaster-resilient development, such as drought-resistant crops and essay, flood proofed roads. A cost-benefit analysis for the housing sector shows this is not always the case. The cost of building homes that can withstand floods is far lower than the cost of repairing homes that cannot stand when a flood does hit. Finally, once the why and how has been addressed, then the party responsible for managing disaster risks needs to be established. In Gorakhpur district, in Utter Pradesh, data over the past 100 years show a considerable increase in intensity and frequency of floods, which are now occurring almost every three to four years. Government departments there now recognize it is their shared responsibility, and are working together to address the risk of flooding.

This could be a model for others. Rather than leaving it as theory, there are opportunities now to build the risk of flooding and other natural disasters into no on 8 essays, future development programs in the Himalayas and forward sweeping for radial, throughout India. For example, the federal government has committed 10 billion rupees (about $164 million) for no on prop, relief and reconstruction in Jammu and Kashmir. Forward Sweeping For Radial? This is much needed, but if it were spent smartly it could also protect local communities against no on 8 essays the risk of research on perception, future flooding. Investing in development that also reduces disaster risk will help break the no on 8 essays, cycle of tragedy. Before uploading and sharing your knowledge on this site, please read the following pages: